A Beautiful Walk On A Beautiful Day

October 22, Day 448

Ahhhh, a beautiful day.

No one is in the office today because they’re working on elections, so there’s no rush to life at all.

Lay in bed and stare at the ceiling for like, an hour.

Get up, say hello to the dog. Brew coffee, water flowers, make breakfast.

As I’m standing at the standpipe in my backyard filling a bucket, I notice that the goats are viscous with one another today.

There’s a big billy goat chasing a little chocolate goat through the neighbor’s yard. It’s intense.

Bucket bath. Pack lunch. Get dressed.

Olive is sleeping in the shade on the side of the house and doesn’t see me leave. Phew! I’m a free woman.

Bike to work and just as I pass the house with the nice neighbors who always sit outside, they wish me a happy day and say they’re happy to see that my bike is back on the road again.

Arrive at work and there are no cars in the parking lot. Okay, this is gonna be an empty day.

No one in the office and all Peace Corps volunteers in Botswana have been called to be on standfast this week. That means we all must stay in our village for the entire week during elections. We cannot leave. This way if violence or anything else breaks out during the election, they know where we are.

Work on my next lesson plan for the media club. At lunchtime, I keep working and eat lunch.

I see maybe three people the entire day. It’s glorious.

Catherine comes by at 2 pm to say hello and check in with me. She says she’s going to her home village this week and asks me to look after her dog, Dawgie.

Keep working. Finish.

Walk to the spice store to check for olives and soy sauce but they’ve got nothing.

Go to the new veggie store in town and pick up some cabbage, apples and avocado.

Walk to Sefalana and pick up food for the rest of the week so that I can stay away from the political crowds in the center of town.

The village is booming with people and loud speakers. Crowds are forming around and one volunteer told me he was robbed in his village this week. Hence, I plan to lay low.

Walk back to work and along the way every kid passing by asks me for money. This makes me mad because they don’t need it. They ask out of principal that I’m white and somehow they’ve learned that all white people must be rich.

I suppose this is the effect of colonialism. But still, what would they even do with one pula anyways? It’s annoying.

Strap my veggies to my bike and ride home. Olive is waiting in the yard when I arrive.

Decide to treat myself to some Disxis (curry chilly flavored maize puff balls) and granadilla flavored soda. Yum!

Talk to Colden.

Space out.

Go for a walk while the sun sets. Olive and I try a new road I’ve never been down before and I discover that I’ve been taking the REALLY long way to get to the other side of the village. Really I’m pretty close when I take the backroads.

I see some of the kids that come to my house playing outside of their house. I wave to Aone and her friends.

A very skinny long haired greyhound starts following Olive and I. It won’t let me go anywhere near it, but it looks like it just wants love. Even Olive is nice to it and says hello. What a cutie.

It’s getting dark and I can hear crowds in the distance and music blasting. It’s time to head home.

Relax and write for an hour or two. I have the next five days off from work for the elections and I love the free time.

Yoga by candlelight. It’s even better in Africa because all yoga is hot yoga. Why was I paying for it all those years??


Dinner of my usual pasta with broccoli, peas, onion, garlic, tomato and olive oil.

Watch “You’ve Got Mail”.

Sit on the porch, look at stars and feel the cool air breeze.

This is the life, and I love it.

Boroko ❤️

Mother and son bonding time

The beloved spice store

good morning, Botswana 🇧🇼

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