A Day Of Friendship & Food

October 26, Day 452

Olive wakes me up barking at nothing in the yard at 5:45 am. Ugh, are you kidding me dude?

After a few minutes I go outside to find out what’s going on and he stops.

Go back to bed.

Wake up again at 8:30 am.

Make eggs and sip on iced coffee and write for a bit.

I discover that I have the movie “The Shape Of Water” on my hard drive. That’s the weird book I just read about a lady who falls in love with a fish. I had no idea I had the movie, too! So, of course, I watch it.

Good production, but they changed the storyline a bit from the book. Overall it worked though.

Call Goaba and ask if I can come by and pick up my bike from her house. Last night I biked to her house and we went to the shops together and she gave me a ride home. I left my bike in her living room and need to pick it up. I tell her I’m biking over now.

“Eish! You are not afraid of the sun? It is hot out!” She says.

“Oh no, I’ll be fine. I have sunscreen!”

I reply.

Olive and I begin the journey to her house and I immediately regret this amount of movement on such a hot day. The pavement is so hot that Olive’s paws are burning. So, instead of running along next to me he runs from the shade of one tree to another so he doesn’t get burned. Smart pup, not-so-smart foster Mom.

Arrive at Goaba’s just as I think I’m going to self combust. Even she’s just wearing a scarf wrapped around into a dress today to stay cool.

I rest on her couch and drink some water. Olive finds a leaking water pipe on the side of the house and hangs out there drinking water.

Goaba is cooking lunch and invites me to stay. She’s making butternut squash, cabbage, salad, carrots, rice and gravy.

Holy smokes, this is delicious!

I hang out in the kitchen and we listen to African jazz and I entertain while she cooks. She introduces me to the music of Oliver Mtukuzi, a famous jazz musician from Zimbabwe who is really amazing.

Lunch is ready and smells AWESOME. We sit on the couch and have a big plate of food and sip Coca Cola. Olive is napping on the kitchen floor.

Afterwards we decide to work on a crossword puzzle together and talk. Hours fly by, I guess we’re having fun!

Soon it is getting dark and my brain hurts from hard crossword puzzle work and I need to bike home before it’s dark.

Goaba says she wants to get some exercise, too, so we decide to bike together over to my house with Olive in tow.

On the way, I notice that her rear tire is rubbing against her brakes and making a squeaking noise.

Once we get to my house I take a look at her bike and fix the rear wheel. She bikes home, and Olive decides he likes her house better than mine, and follows her home instead. Good for him, making friends in the village! And Goaba says she doesn’t mind if he comes to her house.

Meanwhile, I take her kindle and charge it for her (she doesn’t have the charging cord) and work on unlocking it for her so she can download our book club book.

Write for a while.

Read for a while.

Head to bed.

Boroko 🌙

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