Cooking Up A Tswana Storm

October 27, Day 453

Olive was a dirty stay out and spent the night at Goaba’s house, which is great for me because he didn’t wake me up barking at every little thing. I finally got some sleep and slept in till 8 am.

Go take my laundry off the line. Before I left for Goaba’s house yesterday, I put a batch of clothes into the bathtub to soak in washing powder with the intention of washing them right after I picked up my bike.

I ended up having such a great time at her house that I didn’t come home to do my laundry at a descent hour. I feel like maybe the washing powder is so strong here that it would eat through my clothes if I let them soak overnight.

So, I ended up staying up scrubbing clothes until 1 am last night. I let them hang outside all night, so I walk outside and take them down and bring them inside.

Make the coffee and some eggs with avocado. I have some serious dishes piling up in the sink, but oh well.

Watch “Grey’s Anatomy” because I’m avoiding doing the rest of my laundry today. I’m scrubbed out.

Okay, FINE. I’ll do it.

Laundry is like dishes. It’s a constant battle you have to stay on top of or suddenly you realize you’re in over your head with a massive project.

Get clothes soaking in the tub again.

Put on “The Little Mermaid” and listen to the movie while I scrub away.

Hang up the laundry to dry. It’s actually nice that I did it in two batches this time. Wasn’t as rough on my hands.

Sweep, clean, put away clothes.

Water the garden. My lavender plants are sprouting so nicely in the front yard!

Finally change the lightbulb in the hallway. That sounds like an easy thing to do, but let me tell you, it’s one of the hardest. The only thing in my house I have to stand on is a plastic chair. I’m JUST tall enough if I stand on my tippy toes and use a screwdriver at the tip of my fingers and spin it around blindly to get the light cover off and switch the bulb.

Basically, I almost break my neck but I get it done.

Man, I just worked up a major appetite. The water goes out again, and that restricts what I cook. I have lots of cabbage, so I find a great recipe for chili cabbage and get cookin’.

Wait, is my son still over at Goaba’s house? Man, he must really love her! That’s actually great because I would hate to leave Olive alone with no one to follow when I leave next year. Knowing there’s a loving person like Goaba around makes me feel better.

Text Goaba and ask if he’s there. She says she’s been in bed all day and isn’t sure but she’ll look.

“Oh! He’s in my kitchen!” She says.


Back to cooking. I put on “A Star Is Born” and listen to it bellowing from my laptop in the living room while I cook in the kitchen using the veggies I’ve got.

I make the chili cabbage (delicious!), morogo (that’s like sautéed spinach with garlic and some spices), butternut squash and phaleche (maize meal).

I don’t wanna brag, but I’m really feeling like a proper Tswana woman right now making all that traditional Bots food.

Eat dinner. Chill out. Yoga.


Boroko 👩‍🍳

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