The Quietest Election Day There Ever Was

October 23, Day 449

Wake up at 6 am, but then remember I have no work today

Lay around till 8. It’s weirdly quiet today. Like, no one is even outside. Like, I could drop a pin and you could hear it bounce across town kind of situation.

Sit on porch and enjoy the short-lived cool air of the morning with Olive.

About 100 goats attempt to walk by the house, but Olive is having none of that and must defend our honor.

He chases them all down and becomes so obsessed with barking at one little goat that he doesn’t notice the entire herd casually walk right behind him to pass.

He’s a handsome boy. Certainly not the smartest, but at least he’s handsome.

Make coffee. Wash dishes because my kitchen is horrendous and I can’t live like that.

Listen to music, write for an hour.

Decide to make apple banana muffins.

Whip up the muffins and pop them in the oven. Oh my goodness, my house smells like a delicious bakery! Even Olive guards the oven attentively in hopes of having a piece.

Wash face, brush teeth. Enjoy a muffin and coffee on the couch. My couch is done, totally ripped into shreds from dry weather. Literally, it’s so dry here that even fabric can’t hold together.

Do yoga for an hour. Meditate for 30 minutes.

Read and finish my book for book club. Descent, not a great book but enough to capture my attention.

Watch a movie.

Start a new book.

Decide on beans and rice for dinner and top it with some parsley from my garden. Yum!

What a quiet day. All that hoopla before elections, and now it’s quiet and peaceful.

Head to bed.

Boroko 🌙

Banana apple muffins

Beans and rice. Yum!

There’s no helping this couch anymore

Election Day!

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