When You Think You Have An Amazing Tan, But You’re Just Dirty

October 24, Day 450

I’m a lazy lump today.

Wake up to the sound of little boys walking past my yard and throwing rocks at the dog for fun.

“HEY! I can see you! Stop throwing rocks at my dog!” I yell out my window.

Well, actually, my lazy lump self yelled that from my bed. But my bedroom window is open and I know they heard my booming voice like the Great Oz from “Wizard Of Oz” yelling from my house. They make a run for it.

Next time I’ll tell them there’s a special place in hell for people who torture animals.

Get out of bed and say hi to Olive. He’s especially snuggly today.

As we know, water is often a short-lived thing at my house, so I water the flowers while I have it this morning.

Get a muffin ready and sit down to have coffee at my coffee table. Get up to go get something from my bedroom and in the blink of an eye Olive reaches over and takes my ENTIRE muffin into his mouth.

What a little stinker!

He makes a run for the front door with a very naughty look on his face.

One summer back when I lived in NYC I couldn’t find a job, so I became a professional dog walker for a company called “Brooklyn Bitches”. Yeah, that one never ended up on my resume.

Anyways, the ONE dog that ever bit me, out of the many many dogs I dealt with, did so after I took an entire bagel out of its mouth.

I learned the hard way that day that you never know what kind of food aggression you’re dealing with when it comes to dogs. So, I let Olive run away with the muffin.

Better than having my hand bitten off.

Get another muffin.










Grilled cheese and soup.




Finally, it cools off outside and I can finally go outside around 4:30 pm. I decide to dig holes in my yard to put up poles and build the fence to my garden.

As I go outside I notice a big cow and her calf sitting under the tree across the street. I think the mother cow is sick and needs rest because it has a large amount of slime dangling from her nose. Poor thing.

Of course, Olive sees the cows and runs across the street to bark his head off at them. I use a strong, deep voice, and yell to him to come back.

He actually listens for once.

Wow, I’m so impressed. I have to use my scary voice more often!

I have a big pile of dried grass in my backyard that I was saving for my garden, but I’m pretty sure that’s what cows eat. So, I take a big armful of it and lay it on the ground by the mother cow for her to eat.

Go back to my yard and put some music on. Get my bucket and walk down the street collecting big rocks in it to bury next to the poles in the ground.

Back to the yard, start digging. And digging. And digging.

As I’m digging the last hole, I discover a burn pit.


For some reason, many people here do not pay the small fee to have their trash collected. Instead, they dig a hole in their yard, put the trash in it and burn it.

There’s black char just under the surface. If there’s burned garbage than it’s game over for my entire garden project that I’ve been working on for 6 months now.

Dig deeper and discover there’s only burned wood in there. Okay that’s fine. The charcoal will probably help! Phew!

Get all the posts up, except one. It’s dark now so I go inside.

Eat popcorn and watch “Grey’s Anatomy”. As I’m eating I notice that I have really acquired a great tan on my arms.

I look so healthy!

Then I wash my hands and the tan comes right off.

Oh. I’m not tan, I’m just dirty 😳.

Maybe time to take a bath. But I’ll deal with it tomorrow.


Boroko 🌙

Momma cow and calf

Tonight’s sunset

Naughty muffin stealing pup

Uh ohhhh… burn pit!

Posts are up! Next stop, fencing

Watching the village at night

Oh fine, I guess he’s cute

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