A Good Day To Wear Yellow & Talk To Bobbie McGhee

October 28, Day 454
Alarm goes off at 6:15 am, but I’m a bum and don’t want to get out of bed. After all, there is no dog here to wake me up barking, so I might as well take advantage.

Around 7 am, I hear Olive sniffing around outside. I guess he decided to leave Auntie Goaba’s spa and retreat. She goes to work at this time. I bet he decided to come back when she left.

Usually, he won’t follow you if you leave somewhere in a car. My beloved friend Goaba lives RIGHT NEXT to hospital grounds, and yet, still drives to work. Bless her soul. So, Olive likely saw her leave and ran home.

Do the yoga.

Brew the coffee.


Today’s central theme of the meditation is “I am free”, which is a lovely reminder for the day.

Listen to “Coffee House” playlist on Spotify and get my act together.

Olive prances into my house like he owns the place and curls up on the couch. He’s tuckered out from a busy weekend.


Bucket bath.

Get dressed for work. I’m vibing the color yellow today, so I put on my bright yellow shirt and matching yellow headscarf. I decide to wear a skirt and walk to work so I don’t have to worry about looking like I’m flashing my lady parts to the world when I ride my bike (relax, I wear shorts under the skirts for my chub rub). Olive follows me.

Just as I leave the house, Abby’s Mom drives by. Yes, someone with the same name as me in Botswana! Relax, it’s not totally the same. She’s an Abby, and I’m an Abbie. The Y and EI breeds are totally separate.

Anywho, there’s a little girl named Abigail whose Mother works in my office. Her daughter comes to my office every day and draws pictures for me.

Hop in the car and Olive chases behind us on the road as we drive away. We talk about the weather and how cold it is today.

Get to work and everyone is STILL talking about the Presidential elections last week. I cannot partake in those conversations, so I space out and do my own thing while Catherine chats with a woman from Food Resources named Bananyana.

Bananyana stops to tell me that it’s time that I have my own Botswana Omang (that’s like an ID card). She says she can tell that I know what she’s saying when they speak Setswana. She can tell from the look in my eye that I understand.

This is true! Dang, I’m busted. I can usually understand what people are saying to me, and then babble out a few key words in return, but I can’t form actual sentences.

Eat lunch. Keep working.

Decide to walk to the hospital to deliver a Savingram. As I’m walking, I notice a dead donkey laying on the ground by the grocery store. All of the donkeys are standing around it like “oh my gosh, what do I do?” Even Olive doesn’t dare go near it. Sad.


Arrive at the hospital to deliver the savingram, but Mma MacKenzie isn’t in the office.

Run into Goaba and give her her Kindle that I charged. We talk and work on it for a while to make sure she has the book for our book club. Her office has lots of cool things laying around, like an old TV and hula hoops. I want to just get in there and dig and see what fun stuff comes up.


I tell Goaba I’m trying to start a Media Club to teach media production at the Brigade but my contact went on leave the day he scheduled a meeting. He told me to call another dude, who had to go to the hospital today. So now I’m calling people all over the place to find someone to help.

The next thing I know, she whips out her phone and puts it on speaker.

“Bobbbbiieeeee!” she yells.

“Bobbieee McGheeeee!”

Okay so I guess she knows a guy named Bobbie McGhee who works at the Brigade. Nice!

Bobbie McGhee says he can help me out and he will call me back in a few minutes with the name of someone I can speak to. I’m thrilled.

My counterpart for the Media Club also works in the hospital right where I am meeting Goaba. So, I walk up to the IDCC to meet with him.


The IDCC in my village is a separate building next to the main hospital. It is where people go to take ARV treatment for HIV/AIDS and receive counseling and support. When you walk in, it is a large open room with benches for waiting and offices with closed doors around the perimeter.

Nops is waiting for me on a bench inside the IDCC. Olive and I walk into the IDCC and meet him. He loves animals and doesn’t seem to mind the dog jumping on him. His friend OG joins us and says he wants to help with the media club and also loves dogs.

We talk, I bring Nops up to speed on all the work I’ve been doing and we are both excited to finally get this project off the ground.

Look at the clock. Whoops! It’s 4:30 pm already.

Walk back to the office, collect my things and make a plan with Catherine for tomorrow.

Walk home. Make an absolutely DISGUSTING dinner. I have this faux bacon flavored cheese sauce powder. I think you’re supposed to drizzle it on vegetables and stuff. I decided to drench pasta in it in hopes of satisfying a smoky Mac n cheese craving. It tastes like a plate of chemicals. That probably has something to do with the fact that the alleged “cheese” is an entire packet of chemicals.


Oh well, we win some, lose some, sometimes. This was a loss.

Watch “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Hit the hay.



2 thoughts on “A Good Day To Wear Yellow & Talk To Bobbie McGhee

    1. He really is the best. He just wants to be near me, that’s it. He sneaks into conference rooms when I’m working and tries to sleep on the floor near my feet and just wants to be a part of everything.


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