Dinosaur Creatures On My Front Porch

October 30, Day 456

Up with the roosters.

Do the yoga.


Boil water for coffee and a bucket bath.

Do the bathing.

Go outside to water the flower babies an OH MY GOSH WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!

There’s a gigantic grasshopper chillin on the table on my front porch. It looks like something left over from the dinosaur era.

Water the plants. Pack my lunch and all the goodies I need for the office.

Ride to work and Catherine is in today. She’s working on writing up the minutes for our upcoming Sub-DMSAC meeting. Usually she writes everything in English and then I give it a look for sanity and editing purposes. She’s become really good!!!

I show her the picture of the monster on my porch and she says it’s a locust.

“Abbie, have you never seen a locust before?!,” she says.

“Well yeah, but I think in the States they migrate something like every 5 years so I never really saw them. Also they weren’t the size of a dinosaur like here,” I say.

“Oh, that makes sense,” she replies.

Today is also the due date for her IREX application. It takes hours to complete, so I push her to get it started. She’s already written most of it, so we go one by one through each question.

Time is ticking. So, I sit and type while she dictates to me what she wants to say. We eventually craft responses for each question and get it done.

It’s now 4:30, that took all day! We high five each other that it’s done.

Walk to the store and pick up a few things I need for home. There’s a beautiful blue sky behind a white tree. I don’t know what kind of tree it is but I notice this tree only grows on this street in my village. It’s beautiful.

Walk back to the office to get my bike and ride home. Olive is waiting for me in the yard and comes inside to demand belly rubs on the couch.

Make Moroccan lentils and rice for dinner. Top it off with fresh parsley from the garden. It’s delicious!

Watch a movie. Head to bed.

Boroko 🌙

Anyone missing a goat ear?

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