The Best Gift Ever From The Peace Corps

November 3, Day 460

Sleep until a glorious 8 am. It’s quiet outside today and I can hear little birds walking around on the tin roof of my house this morning.

Go outside and check the roof to make sure it’s nothing more than just a little bird. It’s not.

Water the garden.

Make the iced coffee. It’s officially iced coffee season, by the way. As soon as it gets around 100 degrees on a regular basis, I think that calls for every desperate measure that involves ice to be implemented in my life. I abide by these rules in the US, too, by the way.

Coffee season is as per the following:

Late spring through summer: iced coffee season, brewed overnight and put in the fridge

Early fall, for about 2 weeks of the year: PSL* season (stop judging me. Yes I’m a PSL girl. No I don’t wear Ugg boots, but that’s just because I can’t afford them)

Late fall through winter and early spring: hot coffee

When I’m on a diet: Sometimes I go crazy and try to drink tea instead. But I quickly regain my humanity and realize I can’t think straight without real coffee.

So, there you have it. It’s iced coffee season and there is no negotiating that. I can be adaptable on many things. Just don’t mess with my coffee. Don’t.

Anyways, back to the regularly scheduled program.

While I’m standing outside watering the flowers, I notice there are TONS of flies on the side of my house. I can hear them swarming and buzzing away. From my assessment, I don’t see any other bugs or lizards on the house. Just pesky flies. So, I spray them with doom. Bye-bye flies.

Go inside and eat breakfast.

Turn on some music and start doing my laundry.

A few hours later, I get hungry. Whip up a lunch of pasta with mushrooms and broccoli.

Soon, I am so full I feel like I’m going to explode. Or give birth to spiral pasta. It’s not good.

Decide to sit down and talk to Colden for a while.

Get up and finish the laundry.

Clean my bathrooms (yes, I have a separate wash room from the bathtub room).

Sweep the house and sit down for a minute.

In the corner of my eye I see a big black blob fall down from my roof in my front living room window. I hear “PLOP!”

What the?!

Oh, it’s just a lizard. It was crawling on my roof and fell off into the sand. Cool. I see it run under the table on my front porch. That’s fine.

Speaking of the porch, I notice that the great fly migration has now moved on to my front porch. Eish!

Sit in the living room and write and write and write for a while. Oh hey, my basil plant is growing so fast! She’s looking beautiful today.

Watch “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Suddenly, I hear a noise in my backyard. It’s probably Olive coming to say hello, so I look out the window. It’s not Olive.

It’s a white greyhound dog. She has discovered Olive’s food bowl and water and is helping herself. She has hanging nipples as if she just gave birth to puppies. Good for her, she should help herself to the food. She is clearly hungry.

I open the door and say hello and she runs away. It’s strange though, she never looks at me or acknowledges me. It’s as if she can’t even hear me.

Go back to writing.

Some of the flies have now migrated into my house. Ughhhh.

Go get the fly swatter and go to battle. I absolutely LOVE this fly swatter. It has really come in handy this year! It’s clearly the best gift I have ever received from the Peace Corps.

Whip up a taco salad for dinner.

Candlelight yoga.



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