The Lunch Special From Heaven

November 4, Day 461

Holy smokes, I slept SO deeply last night. It was glorious.

As I lay awake in bed, I hear Olive growling at a few kids passing by. He only does that to the kids who throw rocks at him. Serves them right.


I guess that means he’s back at my house after gallivanting around the neighborhood yesterday.


Get up and walk to the front door and unlock it. As soon as I move the door protector on the ground, a cockroach and a beetle make a run for it. It’s like I live in the Amazon jungle with all these bugs. Or a desert in Africa. I kill both.


Go outside and administer belly rubs to my little belly rub boy. I swear he uses me for the belly rub love.


He comes inside and lays down on the rug underneath my coffee table. I see a tick crawling on the carpet near him. I swear he’s bringing them into my house because I’ve seen a few inside the house lately. I never see them on my body, though.


The hair and the sand he brings in I don’t mind. But ticks I mind. I put him back on the front porch.


Go to wash my hands and I see a cockroach in the drain of my tub. I go to kill it and it crawls into the drain. Turn on the water and it runs out, then I kill it.


Make some eggs and sip iced coffee while I write for a bit.


Take my bucket bath, get dressed for work.


Bike to work and leave Olive behind to guard the house today.


When I arrive at work, the whole family is there, including the new admin named Bontle (that means Beauty in Setswana). Mabe and Catherine are there and even Baitshepi is there crouching on the floor trying to fix Catherine’s wifi modem.


The cord has frayed significantly and now it will only provide power when you bend the cord to a specific angle. Baitshepi is working on various concoctions to keep the cord at that angle. I give her my hair elastic to tie it down, but we all determine it’s just not possible to fix the cord.


That is the end of the wifi in our office. That’s so sad.


I work on my lesson plans for a bit and get everything ready for the month ahead because this month and next month are super busy and I want to make sure everything is in order.


Everyone leaves for lunch, and I didn’t bring anything for lunch today. Walk over to the one restaurant in town and order a plate of sides.


Usually a full plate with meat is 25 pula, which is a lot. But if you just order the sides you get a ton of food for only 13 pula. What?!


They hand me a big plate filled with rice, soup (that’s like gravy), butternut squash, cabbage and coleslaw.

Walk back to the office and eat lunch.


Olive sneaks into the office. What a little rascal! Bontle doesn’t seem to mind, though, and I think we’re all over caring whether there is a dog in the office. He just wants to be near me and nap. So I let him.


Mabe comes back to the office and says he misses Colden, or as he calls him, the “office son in law.” I let him use my phone to send a voice message to Colden and he asks if he can be invited to our wedding one day. Ha.

Tomorrow, Colden is planning to drive across the US from New York to Seattle and live out of his car until he finds a job. Oh the life of a returned Peace Corps volunteer.


Finish work and ride home. It’s one of those days that is too hot to be outside. I stay in and decide to make a potato salad and boil potatoes while watching “Grey’s Anatomy.”


Start to pack my bags. I’m at the mid-point of my service! When you are halfway through, you have to travel to the capital city of Gaborone and meet up with all the other volunteers in your cohort for mid-service training.


Catherine and Mabe also have to go to Gabs tomorrow for a different reason, but I was planning to hitch a ride with them. However, the Peace Corps sent me a last minute message this evening saying that I have to be in Gabs between 2-5 pm.

Information that would have been helpful a week ago.


I think Catherine and Mabe will leave too late in the day for me to make it on time, so I decide to shoot for the 9 am sprinter van to Gabs.


Whip up a fabulous potato salad with dill pickles, dill, mustard, eggs, potatoes, mayo and apple cider vinegar. Holy smokes it’s good.


Head to bed at a whopping 8:47 pm.


Boroko 🌙

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