The Monster In My Closet

November 10, Day 467



I sit up quickly and look around in the dark. Something moved in my closet and it was so loud that I heard it through my earplugs and it woke me up in my sound sleep.


What the heck was that?


The noise came from my closet. Could it be a snake? Huge cockroach? Honestly, I am too tired to get up and find out. And frankly, I’m not sure I even want to know what’s in there.


I go back to sleep.


Get up. It’s time to tackle the cockroach situation and I’m not playing around.

Boil water for coffee. Water the plants. Repot the mint herb plant I got in Gabs into the hanging pot on my front porch and tell it I love it.


I think the water bowl and dog food sitting in the backyard is attracting the roaches. Remove the bowls and clean them.


Look out the living room window and watch the goats walk by. Two horses are in front of the house. The owner has tied them together by a rope around their necks and tied their two front feet together so that they cannot walk too far. They are hobbling along. I think that is cruel and feel bad for them.


I see this quite often. Owners don’t want to build a fence to keep their animals inside, so instead, they tie their feet together so they can’t walk.  Often I see this with donkeys trying to hop across the street and holding up traffic. It is sad.


Now it’s time to clean out my pantry and make sure there is no food the roaches can get to. I take all the food out of each shelf, clean the shelf with bleach, make sure everything is properly packaged and put it back onto the shelf.


I also figured out that the things that are supposed to go under my door to protect me from bugs that I never use because they don’t fit under my door can actually be used. I’ve been staring at them for a year and a half now and it only took me this long to figure out I can just leave them on the floor between my screen door and front door to stop the bugs.


She’s a smart one, folks!

With all the scrubbing and anti-cockroaching, I decide to sit down for a bit and watch “Sharp Objects”. It’s my new obsession.


Chat with Goaba for a bit. Last night there was a beauty contest for women who live in settlement areas. I don’t know why beauty contests are so popular in Botswana, but they really are. I was supposed to attend the beauty contest last night but I was too exhausted from traveling, so I opted out.


She tells me the contest didn’t end until just after 3 am in the morning.


Oh HELLLLL no. I would have been SO cranky if I had gone!


Settle down and make some dinner. Watch a bit more of my show.


Head to bed.



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