Counterparts Dropping Like Flies

November 19, Day 476

Up and at ‘em bright and early.


Bucket bath.

Go on a cockroach-killing spree.

You know, the usual.

Olive shows up from a busy night of gang banging and wants to sleep inside of my house to recover. I let him in and sit with him and pick the ticks off of him with tweezers, let him relax for a bit and then send him outside.

As I’m leaving for work, he sees me and wants to come along, but I tell him no because I have to go feed Dawgie first and I don’t want a dogfight this morning.

Olive thinks he’s being smart and sneaks out and runs ahead of me so that I can’t stop him. What he doesn’t account for is that I’m not headed to the office, and he runs in a completely different direction than me.

Ha, that solves that problem. See you at work, buddy!

Walk to Catherine’s house and play with Dawgie for 30 minutes and feed him.

Walk to the office. Yikes, the bottom of my feet were really ripped up good on this walk and now I have a gaping blister on the bottom of my foot from that long walk. Oh well.

Mabe is there with Bontle. A big news story broke recently about someone named “Butterfly” who is allegedly associated with the President of Botswana. Butterfly dresses casually and lives a low-key lifestyle, but it was apparently recently discovered that she had a few million dollars funneled into an offshore bank account.

Hence, Mabe says we must only call him Butterfly from now on. He wants to be rich and low key just like her.

Okay, Butterfly.

We all work quietly on our own projects. Soon, it’s lunchtime and Mabe goes to do whatever Mabe does at lunchtime. Bontle and I sit in the office and chat.

Write for an hour.

Baitshepi from BOCAIP comes to the office. She’s out of breath and clearly was in a rush to get here. She says she’s not late for the Men’s Sector meeting!

I break the news that the meeting is tomorrow. She’s a day early!

We all have a good laugh.

Do more work and try to figure things out without Catherine. My counterpart for the media production class comes by to show me his hand. It’s all bandaged up.

He tells me he was cutting a watermelon last night and the knife cut straight through the watermelon and stabbed him in the thumb. The knife cut straight through all the muscle underneath his thumb and stabbed into the bone.

Yikes! The poor guy. He had surgery last night on his hand and now has stitches. He warns me in case it will effect our class on Thursday. He says he doesn’t feel very good from the painkillers they gave to him at the hospital, so I send him home and thank him for telling me.

Poor Nops! I doubt he’ll be able to help with the media class now. First Catherine, now him! This is the second counterpart I’ve lost in a week. But, volunteers have to be flexible, so I roll with the changes.

Around 4 pm, I walk back over to Catherine’s house to play with Dawgie and feed him.

Walk home.

Is it me, or does this feel like the longest day in history? Space out on the couch for a while. Just before it gets dark I change into casual clothing and start to dig holes around my garden to install the doggy-proof fence.

A girl walks by with a cute little white puppy. She stops at my yard and introduces herself and says she’s a student in my class. Of course! I thought she looked familiar.

She asks for clarification on the homework assigned and we talk for a while.

Go inside and start to cut up vegetables for dinner and then Colden calls. We talk for over an hour and soon my hungry turns hangry.

Oh. Em. Gee. I must eat NOW.

Make dinner. Finally sit down around 9:30 pm to eat and watch a little Handmaid’s.

Go to bed. Talk to Colden again.

It’s super hot tonight. It feels like it wants to rain but it won’t. I fall asleep watching the heat lightening out the window in the distance over the next village.

Boroko 🌙

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