Lazy Sunday Of Chickpeas, Chili and Doggos

November 24, Day 481

Sleep for 10 hours. Geez, I was exhausted!

Get up and make breakfast and be lazy.

Sip coffee.


Put something mildly acceptable for public on and walk over to see Dawgie.

We play together for a while. His favorite activity is for me to sit in the shade by the jojo and then he climbs into my lap and I rub his hind leg and pet his head.

That would be cute if he weren’t 900 lbs. But he’s a giant Great Dane who thinks he’s a lap dog. He’s a beautiful giant lap dog though.

Add the electricity to Catherine’s electricity box.

Walk back home and watch “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

Olive shows up. Awwww hi buddy! He jumps up and licks my face and I give him belly rubs. We sit on the front porch and I pick the ticks off of him.

Olive comes inside to sleep on the floor and stays all day. I don’t blame him, I haven’t been around lately!

There’s no food in the house so I whip up a can of chalalaka over white rice for lunch.

Finish Handmaid’s.

Watch some horrible travel show with Conan O’Brien while I clean.

Just as the sun begins to set, I decide to go outside and finish building the fence to my garden.

Two women dressed in church clothing walk past my house.

“O dira garden, Mma?” One of the women calls out to me. (You are making a garden?)

“Dumela! Aye Mma, ke dira garden,” I reply (hello! Yes, I’m making a garden).

I manage to put up all of the chicken wire fencing that Mabe and I bought the other day and realize that I’m two meters short. Dang it! Mabe convinced me that maybe I didn’t really need 20 meters because that’s too big. Turns out I did need 20 meters because that’s accurate.

Olive comes outside and follows me back and forth as I go out into the bush across the street from my house to collect large rocks in a bucket and bring them to my yard to bury in the ground and keep the posts to the garden up.

A few minutes later, I decide to walk over to Dawgie and feed him dinner. Olive follows me and I tell him not to. He refuses to listen.

As I pass my neighbor’s house she calls to me.

“Mma, I am selling eggs and chickens,” she says.

“Oh good! I love eggs and want to buy some chickens. When can I visit you?” I ask.

“Any time, you just knock on my door,” she replies.

Olive continues to follow me and I continue to shoo him away. This is serious, he can NOT see Dawgie because there will be a fight and Dawgie could rip him to shreds.

Sure enough, he continues to follow me but hides in the bush so I can’t see him and only reveals himself as I arrive at Catherine’s house.

Dawgie takes one look at him and they start to fight. I quickly pick up Olive and Dawgie backs off.

I have to be mean to Olive now, which I hate, but it’s the only language he understands. I aggressively carry him down the block and yell at him to go.

Sorry buddy! It’s for your own protection.

He stands across the street watching me and Dawgie play. I think he’s just discovering that I’m cheating on him.

As I go inside Catherine’s house to get the dog food I notice that her house has run out of electricity. Her freezer has melted and her kitchen floor is soaked and I’m sure her food will go bad.

I mop the floor and make a mental note to buy some for her tomorrow.

Play with Dawgie and walk home in the dark.

Decide to make chili for dinner. We haven’t had kidney beans in my village for a long time, so I use chickpeas instead.

Call Colden and we talk for two hours.

Go to bed.

Boroko 🌝

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