Christmas Movies and Mending Day

November 30, Day 487

It’s a lazy day today. It’s Saturday, so I make no efforts to be productive first thing in the morning.


Colden’s phone died on Wednesday, so he ordered another one online, but then didn’t account for the Thanksgiving holiday that the mail service would be closed. So, his phone won’t arrive until today, which means we can finally talk again!


So far he has been going to a nearby coffee shop and using their Wi-Fi and we email exchange a bit every day. It will be nice to have him back on phone service. He is still living in his car in Seattle and just got a job, now he is looking for apartments. I can’t wait to ask him how it’s going later today when our 10-hour time difference finally aligns.


I get up and make breakfast and coffee. My kitchen is a complete mess from yesterday, but it was all worth it. I promise myself I’ll tackle the mess later.


Eat leftovers for breakfast, sip on my coffee.


I’ve decided it’s time to fix my clothing. Living in the desert is a very harsh environment and it’s tough on everything, including your clothing. My clothes have acquired a series of holes in them from being snagged on thorny branches.


Fire up some of my favorite Christmas movies, and start sewing. Start off with “The Family Stone” and “Muppet’s Christmas Carol”.


Fix about 10 items, including hemming a shirt that was too baggy on me. It takes hours and is a fabulous mindfulness activity. Finally my toes won’t poke out of my socks anymore!


Go outside because I see a fantastic sunset starting. The sky is filled with an assortment of dreamy orange, red, yellow and pink clouds.


My neighbors are having a party across the road and they are using their car stereo to play music. I see the children all crowded around the car dancing. It looks like a real blast!


Colden calls and we chat for a while. He woke up to frost on his windows, a sign that winter is just around the corner in Seattle. He is busy making a spreadsheet of apartments and the status. Apparently in Seattle you have to create an apartment resume. It’s serious business!


On Monday I will be traveling to Hereford with the Men’s Sector to help run a football tournament. This means I have to go to the store tomorrow and buy all of the food and water that I will need for four days. We did order food for everyone, but since Tswana culture is heavily dependent on meat, there won’t be much for me to eat, so I think it’s best that I buy my own food and cook for myself while in Hereford. I also will become sick if I drink the water from the taps, so I need to buy several jugs of filtered water to bring with me.


I sit down and formulate a list of things to bring.


My parents call and I chat with them for a bit. My mother tells me that a day spent sewing your clothing is called “mending day”. She used to have mending day as a kid growing up, too.


Tackle the kitchen. This is going to take a few hours. Scrub and wash all of the dishes. I text Goaba to tell her I have all of her bowls and plates and they’re clean. I tell her she may want to come and get them before I leave for Hereford in case she needs them before my return on Thursday.


Colden is hiking and sends me a video of the woods. It is very green and raining. I see for a minute that he is hiking next to a little stream and it makes me miss the green and rain.


I miss the sound of rain falling. I haven’t heard it in so long! That sound of consistent rain falling outside on your roof while you stay inside dry, curled up on the couch reading a book.


It is rainy season already in the Central district and to the north of Botswana, but it’s not raining here. In fact, it’s extremely hot. The kind of hot that when you turn on the fan it just blows hot air and your clothing is always soaking wet from sweat.


I call this “cold shower and frozen grape” season. On the days when I have water, the only thing that helps cool me off is taking a cold shower before bed. Eating frozen grapes is also a godsend because I feel like it cools off my internal temperature. It’s a good thing not to feel your intestines boiling.


Finish scrubbing the kitchen and eat more leftovers for dinner.


Watch another Christmas movie, go to bed.


Boroko 🌝

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