Chugging Coke Like A Madwoman At The Grocery Store

December 1, Day 488


No matter how much water I drink, my thirst is never satiated.


Yes, I moved to the freaking African desert. What did I expect? I still think the Peace Corps should mention this on the job posting. Heck, I had to certify to the Peace Corps medical department that I could squat for long periods of time to use the bathroom, but no one mentioned the insane dehydration.


Maybe it’s because there is no amount of water in the world that makes you feel hydrated.


I briefly wake up at 6 am, but then go back to bed. I awake again at 9:30 am when I hear the fan next to me turn off.


Uh oh!


That means the power has gone out, which is of course completely fine. But I really need to wash my laundry today. When the power goes out, usually that means the water will go out, too, because the machines that pump water from the boreholes need power.


Mama needs to do her laundry today and she ain’t playing around. I quickly jump out of bed and get the water running in the bathtub.


Sit down, drink iced coffee, space out for a while.


Bathtub has enough water, so I put some washing powder in it and get my laundry soaking.


Do all other things that require water while I can:

–       Water plants

–       Fill up my water filter as much as it will hold

–       Flush the toilet

–       Wash dishes


Make eggs and eat breakfast, and then start scrubbing my laundry.


Scrub, scrub, scrub. Hang it all outside to dry.


Clean the living room.


Scrub more laundry and sweat to death. This should count as my cardio for the day for sure. I have also discovered since moving to Bots that I am a chest sweater. Who knew?! I had no idea that my primary place of sweating was my neck and chest before coming here.

For a while I just pretended it wasn’t happening. I noticed that my shirts were always soaking wet on my chest, but thought maybe no one else noticed. Then one day Mma Bimbo broke the news to me in the office.


“Abbie, your shirt is really wet! You need to start bringing a clean shirt to the office and change clothes.”


Whoops! That’s when I started bringing spare clothes to change into when I arrived at work after walking 3 kilometers to the office in the heat.


Sit down and eat lunch of leftover butternut squash and stuffing.


Go back to scrubbing and the electricity comes back on around 2:30 pm.


However, when I go to rinse my clothes I realize that the water has been out, as predicted.


Go to the kitchen and take out my stored water containers. Use container water to rinse the clothes.


Finally finish around 4:30 pm.


Once the laundry is dry, I take down all of my clothes. I am thinking about writing the lesson plan for my class on Thursday. I am headed to Hereford tomorrow to work there with the Men’s Sector all week and then will come back Thursday morning so I can teach my class at the Brigade.


I have to finish writing the lesson, which will take a few hours.


I can’t do it. I know when I hit my wall, and I have hit my wall. I cannot be the DAC for my district and a Peace Corps volunteer right now. I make the decision internally to cancel class this week.


Call my counterpart and tell him I think we should cancel the class until after the holidays, since most people won’t be around anyways during festive. He agrees that this is the best decision.


WOW, I feel so much better! This class on top of the office work has been weighing on me.


Talk with Claire in England on Face Time for a bit.


Around 6 pm I tell Goaba that I am walking to the grocery store, just so she doesn’t come to my house while I’m gone to collect her dishes.


Walk to the store and watch yet another incredible sunset.


Arrive at the grocery store and I am absolutely PARCHED. I feel like I might pass out and I’m dizzy. Yet, when I run inside the store, I find that they have run out of water and only soda and juice are for sale.


Hence, this is the moment when I find myself pulling a liter of Coca Cola off of the refrigerator shelf, opening it up right there and chugging it down in the grocery store aisle. My thirst knows no bounds and I am gulping up the soda like madwoman with no shame.


People stop and stare at me and giggle as I chug.


When I go to ring up my groceries, the woman at the register looks at me with confusion when I hand her an empty Coke bottle to buy.


“Sorry Mma, ke tswerwe ke lenyora!” I tell her (sorry mma, I am thirsty!).


She has a good laugh and then rings up the Coke.


Walk to the grocery store next door to look for water, and Goaba arrives. I buy electricity and four 5-liter bottles of water. She drives me home.


I hear her scream as we walk in the door. She saw a cockroach, apparently. The thing about Goaba is that she will tackle any snake or spider in the world for you, but she is terrified of cockroaches. I go inside and kill it and make sure the area is clear for her.


Help her load up the car with the leftover food and dishes and she goes home.


Sit down, eat a salad and watch “Outlander”.


Call Colden. He found an apartment today! So proud of him.


I’m supposed to pack my bags for Hereford and fix the zipper on the tent he gave me, but I decide to do it tomorrow. I really need time to myself.


Space out and watch “Outlander”.


Go to bed.


Boroko 🌙

It’s World AIDS Day!

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