Finally Drying Out

December 8, Day 495

I peak out the window and see that the sun is finally out today. Maybe that was rainy season that just happened this week?

Get up and gather myself for the day. Coffee, eggs, meditation.

Everything I own is soaked to the bone. I unwrap my tent covered in wet mud and leave it on the front porch to dry out. Do the same for my wet sleeping bag.

It’s time to tackle laundry. Hereford is surrounded by cattle farms and therefore has a particular smell. It smells a lot like manure, and now my clothes smell like it, too.

Spend most of the day scrubbing laundry. Must take advantage of the water while I have it!

Bontle texts me and tells me that it’s still raining in Hereford, but it looks like it’s clearing up. The football tournament is a success! Glad all of our planning efforts are working out.

Continue to scrub laundry and hang it outside to dry.

Drain the tub and admire the pile of sand that lies at the bottom; a sign of working hard in the desert for sure.

One might think that all of this rain this week is a good thing, but it is not always. When it comes in massive quantities all at once like it did this week, the dehydrated livestock drinks too much all at once and can become sick and die. Thus, I keep seeing pictures of dead goat carcasses around the village.

Finish the laundry. Sweep out all the bugs and dirt from my tent and sleeping back and fold them up properly.

Clean the house for a bit.

Go to bed.

Boroko 🌙

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