Pizza Tastes Better When You Eat In The Dark

December 7, Day 494

Awake ‪at 5:30 am‬, realize I need to be back in bed ASAP, and then go back to sleep ‪until 10 am‬.

WOW, I was really tired and needed a good night’s sleep! My back is still killing me, but I’ll survive as long as I don’t do any sudden movements.

Unpack my things and turn on my geyser in hopes of taking a hot shower. The geyser was not installed properly, so I cannot use it unless I have strong water pressure to push the water from the Geyser, which sits near the roof of the house.

It also sucks a lot of air into the pipes, so I have to have perfect conditions of strong water pressure and no air in the pipes to get any hot water. Usually I have to turn on the water and let the air come out of the pipes. I must do this over and over again several times until all the air comes out. Then I have to wait for the geyser to fill with water. Then wait for it to heat up. Then sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

It doesn’t bother me in the summer because it’s quite refreshing to take cold showers when I can (again, must have water pressure strong enough to push it through the shower head, which I don’t usually unless it’s the middle of the night). But in the winter, I’ll admit that I avoid bathing all together because it’s just too cold and I don’t love crouching over a bucket of water that turns cold quickly.

Today is a perfect condition day, but when I take a shower, the water is still cold. Oh well, I’m happy to have water!

Catherine sends me pictures from the football tournament we are conducting in Hereford today. Apparently it was delayed because of the rain and everyone is frozen and wet waiting for the rain to stop.

Clean the house a bit and see what food I have. Nothing exciting. Make a few eggs and drink coffee.

Afterwards, I ride my bike across town to Sefalana and Mokala and pick up a few groceries. Mokala has mozzarella cheese today, woo hoo! Grab some and decide to make pizza for dinner.

Go home and watch the sun set from my front porch.

The power goes out.

Go inside and plant myself on the couch. I physically cannot get up. I might be attached to this couch for the rest of my life.

Light a candle, lay on my side and watch “Outlander”.

Make the pizza dough, let it rise. Make homemade pizza with the mozzarella cheese and it’s absolutely divine. Eating pizza is more delicious in the dark!

Watch a movie, talk to Colden.

Go to bed.

Boroko 🌙

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