The Lunch of Champions

December 9, Day 496

Wakey wakey! I’m up at 8 am. MAN, I really needed that good night’s sleep. I feel like a million buckaroonies today.


My back is still in severe pain, so I get up and lay on my yoga mat with a tennis ball and roll out the tense muscles. It feels like heaven. I can’t believe how stiff my entire body is.


Make breakfast and then head outside to take the clothes that were drying over night on the clothesline.


I washed the rug in my living room (the dogs really did a number on it), but it’s still wet so I leave it on the line.


It’s cloudy and cool today. Go inside and sit down and eat my breakfast and sip my coffee. Meditate.


Wash the dishes in my kitchen, put the clean clothes away.


Seems that the carpet has dried out a bit so I bring it inside and put it on the floor.


“Ko ko!” I hear someone yelling outside at my gate. Look out the window and I see that it’s Mabe. He has come by to check me.


Mabe comes inside and I bring him a glass of water. He tells me his plans for Thursday to go to Hereford for World AIDS Day, and I’m totally on board.


He asks for a salad, and while I don’t have much food, I do have the lettuce and cucumber that he brought to me when he picked me up in Hereford the other day. Mabe heard that the goats had attacked all of my food and felt so bad he brought me vegetables when he saw me. How thoughtful!


I start making the salad, but then realize that the lettuce is rotten in the middle. There’s little worms crawling around, a sign that the veggies here are certainly organic. So, I take off the top few layers and throw the rest outside for the goats to eat.


A few minutes later, Mabe’s wife Dineo arrives, too. She came to bring him something and they sit in the living room and chat while I prepare the salad. 


(Clearly my couches need a lot of help!)

Ummm YIKES. There’s just enough lettuce for one person and I didn’t plan for people to come over. How can I only bring a salad for Mabe and not his wife? 


Mabe’s wife asks for coffee with milk and I brew up some coffee and bring her the soy milk. Finish the salad, and I bring it in a bowl with two forks in it. Mabe says that works.

We chat for a few minutes and then I go back into the kitchen. It’s lunchtime, they must be hungry!


But the salad is not enough for everyone, so I start boiling water for rice and cutting up some cucumber and tomato and take out some beans.


A few minutes later, they decide to leave. Whoops, I guess I’ll just cook for myself, that’s fine!


I make potato salad, beans, cucumber salad and rice. It’s delicious.


Then the power goes out.  Soon, I see a bad storm rolling in. The clouds turn very dark and the wind picks up. It begins to pour rain and the wind howls outside the door.


It clears up a little while later, and I watch “Outlander” with the power I have left on my laptop. The new season takes place in France and they’re speaking so much French with no English subtitles. I have no idea what’s going on in this show anymore.


Take a nap.


Wake up and talk to Colden for a bit. The power is still out, so I make grilled cheese in the dark for dinner. Use what little battery I have left on my phone and decide to book a trip to Tanzania by myself for my birthday in March. Can’t wait!


There’s still no power a few hours later, so I light a candle, write and listen to music. It’s lovely.




The lights come back on.


Head to bed.

Boroko 🌙



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