New Friends, New Beautiful Freakin’ ATMs

December 18, Day 505

Happy rent day! There’s power, there’s water, there’s no reason for the revenue office to be closed.

Let’s make this happen!

I get up and do my usual routine.





Bucket bath and dressed for the day.

Ride my bike to the office and I find our housing woman, Suping. She has filled out the documents for me to pay my rent.

Yikes, I need a few more pula to pay since it’s been 3 months since the last time I was up to date on my rent. We agree to pay it quarterly from now on.

Walk over to the ATM and voila!! There are now TWO WORKING ATMS IN MY VILLAGE.

When I die, I would like my tombstone to say “died happy knowing two ATMs worked on December 18, 2019”.

Not only is there more than ONE ATM, but they both work! This never happens!

I take a picture to mark the momentus occasion.

Get what I need and walk back to the office to catch my breath. Eish, go magote tatha tatha! (It is very very hot!)

Ride my bike to revenue and I see the usual security guard who greets me and helps me sign in. The line isn’t too long today.

I take a seat and wait. As I’m waiting, I review the documents from our housing woman. CRAP. She put the wrong year on it. It says I’m paying for 2018, not 2019.


This means I have to ride allllll the way back to the office and have her fill out the documents again. They don’t mess around in revenue.

Maybe the woman processing the payment won’t notice? I decide to keep my mouth shut and take my chances.

The woman calls me to the glass window to process my payment. She says to take a seat and wait while she works. I do.

“Mma, is this for 2018 or 2019?” She asks.

“2019, Mma,” I say.

“Okay, I will fix the documents for you,” she says.

What an angel!! Revenue is so hit or miss. Some days they don’t like the color of the pen you wrote the documents in and you run back and forth 5 times to process one thing.

She hooks it up and gives me my receipt.

Say goodbye to my security guard friend and unlock my bike to ride back to the office. I want to have this taken care of before I leave for Gabs tomorrow.

Ride back to the office and go into the office of the housing woman and there are a few other people sitting in there. I leave the rent receipt on her desk.

“Mma, we do not work in this office,” one is the women says.

“Yes, I know. I am leaving this for Suping on her desk,” I say.

Phew! That is done!

Go back to our office and work for a bit. Catherine is there and this is our last day of work together for a very long time.

How sad!

Help her edit some documents and finish all the work I need to finish to close out the year. We talk about the way forward and what things will be like once she’s gone. She’s still my good friend so I will see her even after she has the baby.

Ride home at the end of the day.

Goaba wants to come over tonight so we can write the application for the program that she applied for. I tell her to come over at 6 pm.

Wash dishes, tidy up the living room. Make Indian lentils for dinner.

Goaba arrives with the woman who will be replacing her at her job in our village. Her name is Kesh, and she’s a blast!

The three of us work together to make sure the application is perfect to submit.

They go home around 10 pm.

Stay up and pack for my trip to Gabs and Cape Town and finish cleaning the house. I hate to come home to a messy house after a vacation.

Head to bed at 2 am.

Boroko 🌙

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