Pizza Party & Sleepy Christmas Movies

December 23, Day 510

Bugs attacked me all night. I think I got like 25 minutes of sleep, tops. Bina came in late last night and passed out in her bed and we both decide to sleep in this morning until a whopping 8 am.


I get up and find the family eating sour porridge in the living room. I love porridge like, once in a while, but I don’t think my stomach can take it so I tell Didi I’ll pass on porridge this morning.


Mama says there’s eggs I can make for myself, but I opt to just make some peanut butter toast.

Spotty has a bad infection it seems in his sinuses. He has a bunch of dried snot around his nose and Didi says it was pretty bad last week. I brought some antibiotics that I had laying around from Olive with me, so I go outside and take a finger of peanut butter and sprinkle antibiotics and give it to him. 


We sit in the living room and watch the news on Btv for a while. 


“Mpho, what are you making for dinner?” Mama asks.


Usually when I visit, I make different dishes for them from my culture. Tacos and pizza were a big hit last time. In fact, the weekend after I left, Mama called me to ask for my pizza dough recipe because they were inspired to make it on their own.


“How about we have a pizza party tonight?” I ask.


“Yes! We like pizza. You should go to the store and buy the ingredients this morning so that it’s ready in time,” she says.


I ask Bina if she wants to go, but she says she’s not feeling well today and will go to the clinic with Mama. The boys are all at the next door neighbor’s house playing outside and say they don’t want to come. Mama tells Didi to come along.


I go out to the jojo and get some water for my bucket bath and then take a bath and get dressed. Didi gets ready, too.


We decide to take the shortcut to the grocery store, which consists of following a bath up and down hills through a dried up stream and cutting across a large field. 


Didi and I make it to the grocery store, but they don’t have cheese. So, we walk to the next store. I hear people yelling to Didi saying that she should teach me Setswana, assuming that I don’t know any of it.


We grab the cheese and decide to make one polony and green pepper pizza, one cheese and tomato pizza and one peppers and onion pizza.


Walk back to the house and Didi asks if we can watch the new “Dora the Explorer” movie that I downloaded for her.


We go into the room and watch the movie, slash, I fall asleep while she watches it.


Get up, and Didi and I make the pizza dough while she chooses music for us to listen to. The boys come inside and plop themselves on the couch and proclaim they’re hungry.


We make about 4 pizzas, and I realize that we are feeding about 10 people and may not have enough food. Yikes! What to do?


The only other food we have in the kitchen is potatoes, so I decide to cut up a bunch of potatoes and make French fries in the oven. Didi and I start cutting them up and put them on a pan with oil and salt and a little Aromat.


The boys come in the kitchen and complain that they’re hungry again.


I explain that I am also hungry, and perhaps they could help cook instead of waiting to be served while watching TV. They get it and don’t ask again.


Finally, it’s ready!

In our family we have assigned plates for each member of the family. Ntate has a special plate and so does Mama. Ntate is always supposed to be served first, then my brother, then Mama, then my sister, then the boys, then the people who made the food can eat. It must happen in that order. Each meal is then finished with either drinking tea or soda. You don’t drink during the meal,


We serve the plates and then eat our pizza. The boys decide they want to watch a Christmas movie, so we all change into our pajamas and I put on the movie “Elf.”


Three minutes later, Rothle joins us and wants to play instead of watching the movie.


Fifteen minutes later, no one is interested in the movie and is talking instead.


“Hey guys, I’ve seen this movie, and you requested it. But I’m the only one watching it. I know what happens, I’ve seen this movie 100 times, I’m just watching it because you asked for it so let’s watch it,” I say.


They try to care about the movie, they really do. Eventually Finane and Motheo fall asleep.


I suppose the whole Santa thing is non-existent here, so the concept of a grown man dressing as an Elf would be a bit strange if you aren’t intimately familiar with the story of Santa. I didn’t realize just how much sarcasm was in that movie until I watched it with them and had to explain the jokes.


Oh well! Win some, lose some.

Mama comes in and wakes up the boys and tells them to go to bed.


I watch a little “Grey’s Anatomy” and head to bed.


Boroko 🌙

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