Mountains On My Right, Ocean On My Left

December 29, Day 516
Awake feeling absolutely horrible. Get up, run to the bathroom. Die on the bathroom floor for a bit throwing up with diarrhea.

Sorry for the details, but reality is that I think this comes with the territory when you’re a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa. I tend to get food poisoning every few months, and it decided to strike as soon as I hit South African soil.

Go back to bed. I feel so weak it feels like I haven’t slept in years.

Sleep for a long, long time.

At least if I’m sick, I’m sick in paradise, right? I get the pleasure of seeing this stunning view from my bed.

Around noon I decide that it’s time to find something productive to do.

Get up, shower. Have a small cup of coffee and some cream crackers.

I decide I want to go and see the penguins today and look up the directions.

Hop in the car and realize it’s a pretty long drive away. About half of it is on a highway and half is through little towns along the ocean.

As soon as I get off the highway, I see traffic backed up for miles. It’s a one lane single road all the way to the penguin colony.

I guess a few other people had the same idea as me today!

Get off the road and take the side roads for a bit, but end up right back in traffic.

Sit in traffic and don’t move.

These towns along the ocean are stunning! As I drive, I have mountains on my right and oceans on my left.

I have decided that Cape Town is the most beautiful place on Earth.

A truly unforgettable sight all around me, and I am forever grateful to be here.

But this traffic is insane.

Not moving, for a very long time.

Eventually I decide that I should have gotten up early this morning to take on this adventure, and I’ll get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to see the penguins instead of waiting in this insane traffic.

Turn the car around and go back to my apartment.

Walk down to the Checkers grocery store to see if I can find some sort of electrolytes or something for my stomach in the pharmacy section. I end up finding some good vegetables and electrolytes.

As I approach near my car, the parking attendant whose territory I parked in walks up to me and offers to carry my bags for me. I know he’s just asking so I can pay him a tip and I don’t have spare cash at the moment for him. I thank him and politely decline.

“Okay, Ma’am. Where are you from? My name is Angelo,” he says.

“Hello Angelo! So nice to meet you, I’m Abbie. I’m from the US but live in Botswana,” I reply.

“Botswanee!” He yells happily. “Listen Botswanee, I am hungry and want to get some food for dinner. Can you help me?”

“I warn you that I’m just a peace Corps volunteer so I don’t have a lot of money. But I’ll give you what I have,” I reply.

I dig through my purse and give him some rands.

He thanks me and walks away.

Go upstairs and drink a sugar free Gatorade and then go back to bed by 7 pm. My stomach hurts so bad and I’m exhausted.

Talk to Colden for a bit and go back to bed for the night.

Boroko 🌝

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