Digging My Way Back To Sanity

January 7, Day 525
Sleep a long, deep sleep.

Man, I really needed that. It feels so good to be home and in my bed. I’m still not ready to go outside and see people. I need to recharge my batteries before I face the world again.

Walk into the bathroom and there are MOTHS FREAKING EVERYWHERE. Every time I go out of town and come back there is some sort of insect that infests my house. This time, the bathroom is covered in thousands of moths.

Moths. Freaking. Everywhere.

I sweep them up in the bathroom and around the house. A huge pile of moths forms and I dump them in the front yard.

Walk back into the house and notice that the water is on in the house. Woo hoo! Quickly run and grab a bucket to fill up water to put into my water filter.

The water is brown coming from the faucet. Guess the rust in the pipes built up while I was gone.

Power goes out.

Put water on the stove to boil instead of using the electric kettle. Make my favorite egg sandwich.

I drink my coffee from the absolutely beautiful cup that I bought at the Botanical Gardens in Cape Town. I LOVE this mug. It is my soul expressed on a cup!

Space out on the couch. Heat up water for a bucket bath and get dressed.

Today is a good day to start my garden. A few weeks ago I cut a bunch of thorny branches to start building a fence. Now that I don’t have a dog, I don’t need the fence and can start digging.

It’s HOT today but cloudy.

Go outside and scrape the yard where the garden is. When I left for Cape Town, my yard was totally clear. Now it looks like the freaking Amazon jungle with all the grass!

In Botswana, it is considered courteous to your neighbors to keep your yard clear of grass because otherwise it could attract snakes.

Sorry, neighbors. Not today.

Dig, and dig, and dig to find the previous permagarden I dug before that Olive tore up.

I miss Olive.

Get the permagarden straightened out. I’m planning to put four gardens in the yard and grow all of my own vegetables this year. The only vegetable that survived the wrath of Olive was my sweet potato plant.

Drag the big chicken wire out to the yard from my spare bedroom. A dead cockroach is entangled in the wire, and I throw it out. Another live cockroach comes out of the wire and I chase it down and kill it.

Fun times.

Man, it’s hot today. I’m sweating bullets! Go inside and get a big bottle of water from the water that has filtered by now.

Back to work.

Hang up the chicken wire around the posts that I dug into the ground and secure them with wire. Boom! This is starting to look like a garden.

Just then, two women walk by, staring at me.

“Dumela, Mma!” one of the women calls out to me.

“Dumela, Bomma!” I reply (hello, ladies).

“A o dira garden?” the woman asks me.

“Sorry?” I can’t remember what she’s asking me.

“A o dira garden?” she repeats again.

Oh! She’s asking me if I’m building a garden.

“Ehh Mma, ke dira garden. Ke kopa merogo!” (Yes, Mma, I am making a garden. I need green veggies!).

They laugh and keep walking.

I give the garden lots of love and water it and tell the sweet potato I love it.

Around 7 pm, I go back inside and call Colden. We chat.

Make dinner. I don’t have much food, so it’s just rice and a can of beans tonight. Gets the job done.

Watch a movie, head to bed.

Boroko 🌙

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