Peace Corps Reports By Candlelight

January 10, Day 528
Up and at ‘em.

No power or water this morning. I get up and fill up a bucket from my stored water container and get coffee boiling while staring at the remains of my beautiful coffee cup, still in a pile on the counter.

Maybe I can make a mosaic with it in my garden?

Eat all the eggs. Drink all the coffee.

It’s another hot one today.

Take my bucket bath and get dressed. I have another flat tire on the bike again, so I decide to take a nice long walk down to the Sefalana Cash & Carry to pick up a cold drink.

Start walking. And walking. And walking.

Arrive at Sefalana. They’ve got ice cold Baobab Twizza on sale today. Woo hoo! But also, who the heck thought to make a soda that tastes like a tree?

Pretty sure fluorescent green soda isn’t really made from baobab trees, but whatever, I’m into it.

Fill up my backpack with goodies from Sefalana and walk home. A woman sees me walking and asks where I’m from and where I’m going. We chat for a bit and I keep walking.

Get home. Ready to pass out from the heat. The power comes back on and I sit in front of the fan in the living room.


Finally it cools off a bit around sunset. Go outside and start digging the third permagarden bed.

The neighbors are out across the street, and the young boy and girl are playing in the street. They wave as they walk by. It seems the father is home. I’ve only ever seen him once in the house. He walks over to my yard to greet me.

“Dumela, how are you?” he says.

“Dumela Rra, I am well. And you?”
“I’m fine. Are you making a garden here?” he asks.

I don’t see many gardens here in the desert, so it’s a logical question to ask.

“Why yes I am! I am a vegetarian and would like to grow my own vegetables. I know we can grow them here in the desert without too much water, so I’m creating what’s called a permagarden,” I reply.

He walks away, laughing.

It gets dark about 20 minutes later, so I stop digging and go inside and make dinner. It’s cheese and crackers tonight.

Volunteers are supposed to report the work that they’re doing to the Peace Corps once a quarter. It’s called a VRF form and it’s due tomorrow.


Sit down and start working on my VRF.

The power goes out.

Light a candle, and work on my VRF in the dark by candlelight.

Finish around midnight. I’ll submit it tomorrow once the power goes back on and I can find internet.

Take a cold shower.

Go to bed.

Boroko 🌙

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