Digging My Way Back To Sanity, Day 3

January 11, Day 529

Lay in bed for a few extra minutes this morning. The breeze coming in from the window next to my bed feels good, so I take the moment to soak it up.

Get up, make the coffee and the eggs. The usual.

Sit on the couch and watch some “Grey’s Anatomy” for a little bit.

I have this calendar with pictures of the US National Parks in it from 2019. The year is gone but I don’t have the heart to throw away the calendar because I love the pictures so much.

So, I cut off the pictures and throw away the date portion. Then I find an old ball of bostick from our last event at the DAC office. I create a checkered pattern on my bedroom wall so that I can appreciate the beautiful landscape of the USA every time I enter my bedroom.

Looks great!

Go back to the couch and space out. Write for a bit.

In the late afternoon I go outside and keep digging the third permagarden bed. I will run out of coffee grounds that I have been saving to put in the garden from the past year soon. I think I can make this work.

“Ko ko!” I hear a young girl say.

I look over and there is a girl, about 14 years old, standing at my gate. She is stunningly beautiful, with short hair and has a friendly look on her face.

“Are you from the Peace Corps?” she asks.

“Dumela! Yes, I am a Peace Corps volunteer,” I reply.

I invite her into the yard and she says she used to know the volunteer who lived a few villages over. She used to watch TV shows with her and visit her regularly.

“Can I come and visit you sometimes?” she asks.

I think by now we all know that I am not a kid person. However, she seems friendly and good company.

“Sure! Why don’t you come by tomorrow?” I say.

She agrees to come back tomorrow so we can talk on the front porch. Cool.

Keep digging. And digging. And digging.


Back to digging. Maybe I’ll find my sanity again at the bottom of this hole?

Sit on the front porch, on the top step and watch the fantastic sunset tonight.

Go inside, make dinner. Watch TV and go to bed.

Boroko 🌙

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