The Face Staring Into My Bedroom Window

January 12, Day 530
I had a hard time sleeping last night because it was so hot. Finally, in the middle of the night, I took off my pants and slept in my pajama shirt and fell asleep drenched in sweat.

The sun rises, and as I sleep and feel the cool breeze through my bedroom window. In my sleep, I sense that something is near and crack my eye just a little bit.




I scream and quickly stand up.

I realize it’s the face of the girl in my neighborhood who said she would come by my house today.

“Oh no! I’m so sorry!” she says.

“Why are you staring into my bedroom window?!”

“I was calling ko ko from your gate for a while, and decided to come find you.”

“SO YOU WERE WATCHING ME SLEEP?! Please wait there, I will come outside,” I tell her.

I scramble around to find some pants and catch my breath. Screw the bra, I could care less right now. I walk outside, scantily clad.

“You know you almost gave me a heart attack, right?”

“ha ha ha, I’m so sorry! I kept calling ko ko and you didn’t answer, so I wanted to see if you were home and decided to look through your windows,” she says.

“Okay, well in the future, if you yell ko ko from my gate and I do not answer, it probably means I’m not home, sleeping, or am not open to having a visitor, okay?”


We sit on my front porch and chat for a bit. I give her some ice water, and she asks to see my instagram and takes pictures of her face with filters. She tells me she recently moved to my village. After a while, she goes home.

Go back inside and make coffee and eggs.

I can’t believe I found someone peeking in my windows this morning?!! Should I close my curtains and die of heat stroke?! What if it was a random man?! I rethink the concept of me sleeping with my window open.

I think on it.

Meditate for a while.

Get dressed and go outside to finish the third permagarden. I manage to have enough aged manure, coffee grounds and egg shells to mix into the soil. Looks like I’ll have enough to finish the last permagarden after all. Woo hoo!

Salad for lunch, with cucumber and mint from my garden to mix into the water. So refreshing.

I plant watermelon and cucumber in the third garden and tell the garden I love it.

Water the rest of the plants.

Whip up bean tacos for dinner using the fancy shells I found in Cape Town.

Watch “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Take a cold shower, go to bed. It’s my first day back at work tomorrow and I admit I’m not ready for it yet.

Boroko 🌙

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