Oranges Not For Sale

January 16, Day 534
I was awake all night long last night, paranoid that I would oversleep this morning.

Get up at 7:30 am. Sip on my iced coffee, water the plants.

The water and power is on this morning, so I take a cold shower. It’s going to be over 100 degrees again today, so I wash my hair and keep it wet to keep me cool today.

Get dressed for work. I have a meeting with Thutego this morning and want to make sure I’m there on time.

Whip up an eggs and tomato wrap for breakfast.

Go out to the front porch and fix the flat tire on my bicycle, finally.


The tire goes flat again and I don’t know why. I have no time for this this morning.

Figure out where the hole is and patch it up. Pump up the tire again and pop it back on.

Bike to the hospital to meet with Thutego. When I walk to her office, no one is there. No one knows where she is.

Ummmm okay.

Baitshepi is out of town today, so I bike over to the DAC office and set up shop to learn Shotcut. It’s an editing software that I’m going to teach the kids at the Brigade in my media class.

Thutego calls and says she forgot about our meeting and asks us to reschedule for tomorrow. Sure.

Bontle arrives at lunch, and we talk and catch up. We work through lunch while I eat leftover beans and rice.

Finish my lesson plan around 2 pm. Walk over to the Sefalana and see there are brand new beautiful oranges on display. However, there’s no price. Grab a few and when I get to the cash register, the woman at the register doesn’t know how much the oranges are. She says she has to have the manager desk check the price.

I wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Thirty minutes goes by while I stand there waiting for them to declare a price for the oranges on display.


Everyone is staring at me. I’m like a giant, white elephant standing in the middle of the store, waiting for oranges.

After 45 minutes, I throw in the towel. A couple of oranges isn’t worth this frustration.

Drop the oranges and walk next door to Choppies. As I’m standing in the fruit aisle, looking for oranges, I feel a tap on the back of my leg.

Turn around to see Mabe’s son standing behind me with his mother. It’s little Brian! What a cutie.

Talk with them for a bit, buy a few groceries and put them inside my backpack.

Walk back to the DAC office and sit with Bontle. I call the Brigade and confirm that classes for my media production course can start next week. Woo hoo!

Get on the phone and call all 25 students and invite them back.

Pack up and ride home with my bag strapped to the back of my bike. As I am leaving the parking lot, one of the drivers from the DAC office calls to me.

“Mpho! Mpho!”

“Dumela, Rra. O teng?” I ask (hello sir, how are you?)

“Ke teng. You should give me your bike,” he says.

“Nope, not going to happen!”

“Why not?” he asks.

“Because if I am going to give my bike to someone when I go, it’s going to be to someone who has made the effort to be my friend. You have never bothered to greet me or be friendly until this moment when you are asking for my most prized possession. So no, I will not give you my bike. Have a good night,” I say.

“And who is this actual friend?” he asks, laughing.

I hear him laughing with the other drivers as I pedal away and don’t answer.

Get home, sweating my brains out. It’s over 105 degrees. I’m dizzy and hot.

Chug down some electrolytes and sit by the fan.

Go outside and plant carrots, string beans, rape and spinach in egg cartons to start sprouting. I grab some dried grass from the big pile in the backyard and cover the two permagardens I have finished with the grass to hold in moisture. There are moths EVERYWHERE still, flying all over the garden.

Plant lavender in the tires in front of my house. Is this really even lavender? I bought it from a flower store and some of it has grown but it looks like weeds to me. Whatever, lavender is a natural scorpion repellent, so I’m willing to take my chances if it means that there are less scorpions around my house.

Sit on the porch and eat frozen grapes and drink water. God bless frozen grapes.

Watch “Grey’s Anatomy”, take a cold shower.

Head to bed.

Boroko 🌘

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