A Visit From Gilda & Making Hand Soap

January 19, Day 537
Up and at ‘em. The sun is beaming through my bedroom window, and I lay in bed and watch the sun and hear the children running by my house.

Get up and sip some iced coffee while I make eggs.

Go outside and finish my coffee and water the plants. I see a little brown dog run by my house, stop, recognize me and then run back to slide under my driveway fence and come say hello.

It’s Gilda! I haven’t seen Gilda in forever.

Poor little Gilda is the only female dog in the neighborhood. When she is in heat, dogs come from far and wide and chase her around relentlessly and rape her for about a week and a half. It’s a gangbang situation, and it’s not right.

I used to feel bad for her and try to get the male dogs off of her when I first saw it happening. But she wouldn’t let me near her and also didn’t run away from the male dogs, so ultimately I decided to let her handle her business and not get involved.

Frankly, I named her Gilda because I imagine that is the name of a Russian prostitute.

Anywho, Gilda comes by and says hello. Sometimes she would play in my yard when Olive, Simba and Murphy lived with me. She seems to like the attention of a human, but hasn’t ever been pet before so she isn’t sure how to handle herself. I find that she will enjoy getting rubbed on her neck, and then get so excited that she will walk behind my back and then jump on my shoulders.

I wouldn’t mind, except her fingernails are so long that they scrape down my back.

I tell Gilda I love her, and she hangs out on the porch for a bit, and then continues on her way.

Today I want to make my own hand soap. It’s fairly expensive here, and I think I can make my own for much cheaper.

Go inside and take a bar of soap and grate it. Then, mix it with hot water in a bowl and keep stirring until it dissolves. Let it cool and thicken up. Poor it into a soap dispenser, and voila! You’ve got hand soap.

That was SO easy.

I hear the water turn on, so I rush to the bathroom and start filling the tub to do my laundry.

Scrub, scrub, scrub.

Scrub, scrub, scrub.

Hang it outside to dry. I’ll finish the rest of the laundry in a bit.

I’ve been meaning to make cupcakes for Catherine to congratulate her on having a baby girl. Head to the kitchen and start making cupcakes.

Finish scrubbing the laundry while the cupcakes are in the oven.

They don’t sell frosting in cans the way we have in the US. And there isn’t shortening. So, I try to make my own frosting using butter. It’s thick. It’s buttery, but hey, it’s tasty, so I mix a little pink food coloring in there and decorate the cupcakes to bring to Catherine.

Go outside and finish hanging the rest of my laundry.

Carrie calls, so I stop and talk to her for a while.

Next, Rebecca calls. I facetime with my nephews and catch up.

Then Colden calls. We talk and say goodnight.

Make dinner, take down the laundry from outside. Put it on the bed in my spare bedroom. I’ll fold it and put it away tomorrow.

Cold shower.


Boroko 🌟

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