Did I Just Find Olive’s Dead Carcass?

January 18, Day 536
Wake up feeling parched. Get up and chug a boatload of water.

Now that’s better!

It’s my day off today, so I plan on relaxing.

Go outside and water the flowers before it gets too hot and they get burned by water.

Make breakfast and watch a little “Grey’s Anatomy.” Sip on my coffee and decide to listen to a little Sade and write for a few hours.

Man, this kitchen is horrendous. Guess it’s time to tackle those dishes before the cockroaches decide my house is an all-you-can-eat buffet again.

Wash dishes for like, ever.

Finally, it’s sparkling clean!

Call Goaba’s old housemate and ask if I can come by to pick up my bicycle helmet at her house. Apparently I left it there a while ago and Goaba found it and gave it to her housemate to hang on to for me since she was moving. She says yes, she’ll be home and I can come collect it this evening.

I hear a car pull up in front of my house and sneak my head through the curtains to decide if I want to answer it. I see it’s Catherine’s cousin, Freddie. He comes by once in a while to check on me and tell me how Catherine is doing.

He comes on the front porch and I get him a glass of water. We sit on the porch and chit chat for a while. He tells me he is headed to Choppies to get something sweet for dessert for Catherine.

“Ohh, I have to pick up my bicycle helmet near Choppies. Would you mind giving me a ride?” I ask.

“Yes of course, let’s go,” he says.

We get into his car and drive down to Choppies. I buy some spicy potato wedges while he finds a dessert for Catherine. I call the roommate to let her know I’m on my way. She says she’s home.

We drive to Goaba’s old house, and I get out to knock on the door.

No one is home.

Um, okay.

Call the roommate.

“Hi, are you home?”

“No I’m not home yet from work. I will be home in a few minutes! Please wait,” she says.

“Sorry Freddie, but the roommate isn’t home yet. She says she’ll be home soon,” I say.

We wait in his car in front of the house, I apologize a million times that this is taking longer than expected. One thing I’ve learned about African time is that people usually aren’t on time, but usually people are very patient in return. He doesn’t seem to mind at all. I watch a few chickens peck around in front of the house.

Finally, she arrives and goes inside to get my helmet and hands it to me. Woo hoo!

We drive back to my house. Just as we are turning into the street that I live on, suddenly it smells like a dead animal. In the corner of my eye I see a little brown and white carcass on the side of the road in the bush.

“Smells like a dead goat,” Freddie says.

I swear it was Olive. Same colors. Lord I hope it’s not. I’ve been thinking about him lately. He was my best pup. It’s just not the same without him around. I miss him, and make a mental note to walk back to this spot to check to see if it’s Olive’s body.

Freddie drops me off and drives away.

I walk back to the spot. I can smell the dead carcass from 200 feet away as I approach. I get just close enough to see what it is.


It’s a dead goat. Not Olive. I’m sad for the goat, but at least Olive could possibly be alive still. My guess is that he was stolen by someone and brought to their farm.

Walk home and talk with Colden for a while on the phone.

Sit outside on the porch and watch the sunset.

As it gets dark and buggy, I go inside and make tacos for dinner and watch “10 Things I Hate About You” because I am a child of the ‘90s and it makes me happy.

Go to bed.

Boroko 🌙

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