The Worst Way Ever In History To Wake Up

January 21, Day 539



I sit up in bed, startled.

WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!! It sounded like a cat and something hard hit me in the face. I freak out, thinking a cat jumped through the window onto my face while I was sleeping.

Then I look to my right, and through my bed net I can see the culprit.

Jesus, that scared the heck out of me!

Turns out the top part of my fan, the top that has the fan blades, snapped off from the neck, flew across the room and hit me in the face. The fan has been limping on its last leg for a while now. Effectively it’s not a fan by any means because it never really worked. It was held together by a piece of wire and a bottle of lipgloss. I guess now I really don’t have a fan.

And it’s summer. In Africa.

Oh well.

I pick up the fan blades and put them on the bed and move on with my day.

Attempt to make coffee and realize that I have no water or power again this morning.

Go outside and fill up my buckets from the jojo and water the plants. By the time I come back, there’s a tiny trickle of water coming from the standpipe outside. I take my water storage container and let it fill up from there. I prefer to bathe with faucet water than old rain water that’s been there for years in my jojo.

Walk back inside and take a quick bucket bath and get dressed.

Pack my lunch and hop on my bike to head over to BOCAIP. Arrive there, dripping in sweat and park my bike in the shade. I chat with Baitshepi before biking out to the Brigade for a meeting this afternoon. I’m wearing a long dress today and I’m sure it looks odd to bike across town in a dress, but I don’t care. I wear shorts under every dress, so whatever.

Begin biking to the Brigade. Okay, so, the Brigade is like REALLY far away. I basically have to bike several miles to the other side of my village, into the neighboring village, and then it is located down a few miles into a sand road.

It’s REALLY in the middle of nowhere, but I love this place and they have agreed to let me teach my media production class there. Plus, I don’t have a car and can’t afford taxis, so I don’t mind biking there.

Bike and bike and bike.

Man, it’s hot today.

Get off my bike and walk it a few miles down the sand road. Finally, I arrive.

Chain up my bike in the shade and greet the staff by the door. Walk to the office of the person I am meeting with.

Annnnnnddd no one is there.

GREAT. I sit in the shade for a while to cool off before biking all the way back to my village.

I’m severely dehydrated, so I take a long drink of all of the water I have left in my backpack. I am extremely parched, but there’s no water. My only choice is to bike back to my village and go to the store.

Walk the bike back to the main road. A farmer in a pickup truck with his wife next to him pulls alongside me to wave and say hello. I greet them and wave back.

Bike and bike and bike.

I am now dizzy and hot because I am so extremely thirsty. Park the bike, chain it up and walk into the grocery store. Find a bottle of water and chug it right there in the aisle quickly.

I was SUPER thirsty.

Get some fruits and veggies. I find some green grapes called “Moonballs” and decide that’s the wackiest name for grapes I’ve ever seen.

Bike home. Immediately chug gallons of water. No matter how much I drink I’m always still thirsty.

Pass out.

Wake up, water the plants and sit outside and watch the sunset.

Make dinner, watch a movie. Talk to Colden for a bit and tell him about the fan that snapped off on my head this morning.

“I’ve basically gone my entire service without a fan. Maybe I can make it another 9 months without one. What do you think?” I ask.

“Abbie, you live in Africa and it’s the summer. You need a f&%king fan or you will die. This is ridiculous,” he says.

Twenty minutes later I get a notification on Paypal that I received $25 from Colden to buy a new fan. Woo hoo!

Go to bed.

Boroko 🌛

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