Teaching CV Writing & Eating Watermelon

January 25, Day 543
Wake up at 7:30 am and stare at the clouds and sunshine out the window for a bit. It’s the weekend, so I fall back asleep.

Wake up again at 10 am and get out of bed, finally. Start making eggs and coffee. I don’t have water again today, but there’s plenty of
storage to work from.

Sit and watch an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” while sipping coffee and eating breakfast. I feel spaced out and relaxed today, and that’s a
good thing.

Go outside and water the veggies with the rain water collected in the jojo. Catherine says it’s better to water gardens with the rain water because we live on a salt pan and the salt erodes the pipes, so our water is filled with rust and salt, among other things.

Go back inside and clean the house. Sweep the floors, clean out the fridge. I even mop the floors, which happens rarely!

In the late afternoon when the sun isn’t as hot, I take my shovel and head outside and scrape the yard for a few hours. SO. MANY. WEEDS.

Around 5 pm, the girl who lives down the street arrives at my house. I see her standing at the gate. She is a student in my media production class. I saw a job posting for people to work as production assistant and props assistants in the July parade for the President and sent it to my production class.

The purpose of the class is to provide unemployed youth with employable skills, so if they decide to apply for the job it’ll give
them a chance to put the skills they have learned to work.

A few of the students have told me they would like to apply for the job, but don’t know how to write a CV, cover letter or get a letter of
recommendation. I told them I’d write a letter of recommendation, and then teach them how to write a CV. My neighbor girl is one of the
students who is meeting with me to learn how to write a CV.

She is tall, 19-years old and very shy. But, she also has blue hair and black fingernails, so I know she has a personality in there and
self expression. She wants to apply to be a costume and props assistant, which I think would be perfect for her.

I grab my laptop and a glass of water for her, and we sit on the front porch at the table.

“So, what do you consider your best skills? If you don’t have a background in working in production, I think it would be helpful to
highlight what you would bring to the job to encourage them to hire you.” I ask.

“Ummm… I don’t know?”

“Okay, what do you think are your positive qualities?”

She giggles and covers her face with her hands. I hear her whisper under her hands “I don’t know?” She seems surprised and embarrassed that I am asking her about herself. I am surprised that she is surprised.

“Has anyone ever asked you to think about what you are good at?”

“No. I’ve never had to think about this,” she replies, giggling under her hands.

“Okay… you are about to start at university. Why did you select your focus of study?”

“I don’t know. I was told to select it,” she says.

So, we sit and talk for a long while to explore what skills she has and what she wants to do with them. She agrees to get letters of
recommendation, and I teach her how to write a CV.

She tells me she graduated from school a few years ago and has been working for free
for her church to handle their social media and does photography for them. She has never seen a CV before and has not worked in the two years since her graduation.

She goes home, and I notice that my next-door neighbors are having a slammin’ party. Usually when I go to bed, I can hear club music blasting in the distance from all the shabeens around the village (they’re like illegal bars that make their own booze inside peoples’
houses). Tonight, I can hear the music pumping out the window of my neighbor’s house and people laughing and drinking. Good for them.

Go inside and make a watermelon salad with mint from the garden, balsamic drizzle and feta cheese sprinkled on top and some potatoes on
the side.

Watch “Grey’s Anatomy” and start knitting a scarf for Goaba. I know it’s summer, but by the time I finish this it could be winter and
she’ll need it.

Go to bed.

Boroko 🌙

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