The Trials And Tribulations Of Hair Washing Day

January 26, Day 544
Sleep in, undisturbed.

That was glorious.

Crawl out of bed and space out on the couch for a while watching “Grey’s Anatomy” on my laptop. Get up and boil water for coffee and make eggs. No I never get sick of eggs for some reason.

Knit for a long time.

Write for like, ever.

Get up and make lunch. It’s cucumber and tomato salad today.

Turn on Spotify’s “Beach Vibes” and listen to music and write for like, ever again. Finally get around to posting pictures from World AIDS Day in December.

Get up and wash dishes and clean the kitchen.

Go outside and scrape the yard. This yard might not ever get clean with all the sand and weeds I have. But I try.

Go inside and watch more “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Knit some more.

Make popcorn.

Talk to Colden for a while.

Ohhhhh I should wash my hair today! It’s been over a week. I find that it’s so dry here that it doesn’t get as greasy as it did in the US if I don’t wash it. In the US, there was a time when I washed my hair every day. That isn’t good for your hair if it’s long, so I trained myself to use dry shampoo and wash it only every couple of days.

Now I can last a week or two and not wash my hair, as long as I wear a lot of ponytails and scarves in it and no one looks too closely at my scalp.

Literally, no liquid can survive in this desert. That’s great for my hair for the most part, but now my hair is getting gross and it must happen.

Go back to watching “Grey’s Anatomy.” I’ve never fully watched it past season 3, so I started from the beginning and now I’m up to season 13. That’s a lot of time and dedication.

As I’m watching the show, I hear the toilet tank in my house start to fill up. YESSS!! This could mean that I could take a shower! Most of the time when I have water it isn’t strong enough water pressure to travel up the pipes and come out of the showerhead. So, I run to the bathroom to check on the water pressure. YESS! There is water coming from the showerhead!

This is exciting news for me because it means that I can take a shower tonight and wash my hair and not deal with 3 different buckets of water. What a treat. It’s a cold shower, but that’s fine. I’m just happy to have any shower.

Some women can wash their hair using just one bucket of water. I am not one of those women.

First you warm a pot of water on the stove. Then you pour the boiling water into a bucket, and mix it with cold water so that you have warm water. I usually crouch over the bucket in the bathtub and take cups of water and pour it over my head while hanging my hair upside down to get it wet, and letting the water run into the bathtub. Then I scrub the shampoo into my hair, tip my head upside down again and pour more water over it to rinse it out.

The problem I have is that my hair is so long and thick that one bucket doesn’t do it.

If I actually want my hair clean, I have to go through about two or three buckets of water. I own only one bucket and one pot to boil water in. That means that while I’m washing my hair, I have to heat up another pot of water. Then I have to run to the kitchen sopping wet, naked and freezing with shampoo in my hair to get the next pot of boiling water to pour into my bucket. If it’s a three-bucket day, it’s a cold and wet adventure to get my hair clean.

Our old Country Director here in Botswana used to say to us “The volunteers in Sierra Leone can wash themselves with less than an inch of water in their bucket and get the job done!”

I am not one of those people.

Really, I’m happy to integrate into any new way of doing things and don’t miss much. Just don’t mess with my hair, that’s all I ask.

So, I run to the bathroom and take a nice cold shower and scrub my hair clean. That was glorious.

Go to bed, squeaky clean. Nothing replaces clean hair from a shower.

Boroko 🌚

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