A Yogurt Christmas In January

January 28, Day 546
I wake up to find out it’s 8 am. Whoops, guess I’m not going to the primary school before 8 am this morning! I’ll just go on Monday, that’s fine.

Get up and meditate, make breakfast and sip coffee. The sand outside of my living room window is so white that sometimes it burns my eyes. It’s a bright sand day today.

I have water this morning, so I take a cold shower. Clean the house for a bit.

Go outside to water the plants. There are CRAZY huge grasshoppers ALL OVER my veggies outside. They’re finally growing, and these grasshoppers are using my vegetables like they’re running a prostitution ring and mating all over the place! I am having NONE of this.

What can I do?

I decide that my only option is to finish surrounding the garden with chicken wire, cover the top of it with shade netting, and then research homeopathic ways to deter them from moving in fulltime into my garden.

Go back inside and work on my laptop to prepare for next week’s media production class.

My phone rings, and I see it’s Mabe.

“Abigail! O kae?!” he asks me (where are you?)

I tell him I’m at home working this morning, and ask if perhaps he has my cell phone that I lent to him last month when his died unexpectedly when we were in Hereford.

“Eish! Abigail, you know, I am an old man. I have forgotten your phone!” he replies.

“Ga go na matata. Whenever you get a chance just bring it back,” I tell him (no problem).

Bring my bike outside to the front porch and pump the tires with air. I notice that one of my tires is cracking. This place is SO dry that even my bike tires are cracking. I cover them with some Vaseline and hope for the best.

Ride my bike over to Sefalana and park it against a pole in the parking lot, and then walk over to Mokala and Builder’s Mart to check for chicken wire. No one has it.


Ride my bike home, and start watching STEPS videos to decide which one I will show in class next week.

Take my shovel and go outside to dig the fourth, and hopefully last, permagarden. As I’m digging, I see some of the neighborhood boys come to my gate to say hello. There are usually three boys. We have a rocky relationship – literally and figuratively – because they used to think it was fun to throw rocks at Olive, and I didn’t find it that funny. One of the boys would stand at the gate and bark at him, and poor Olive didn’t know better and would growl at the boy. Heck, if someone threw rocks and growled at me, I’d bite them, too!

Anywho, the boys are at my gate and tell me they want to play. The three boys basically roam the neighborhood looking to play and have fun every evening. They are all good boys at heart, and if I were to guess they’re between the ages of 6 and 9.

I let them into the yard, and we decide to play a game of hide-and-seek together. I tell them that the one rule is that they have to stay in my yard. One boy closes his eyes while sitting on the front porch, and we all scatter to run. One of the boys and I hide at the bottom of my permagarden hole in the yard and laugh as the other boy relentlessly searches around the yard for us.

Next turn, I hide behind a bush. We play for a while, and then the boys ask for some water. I bring out some filtered water and we all sit on the porch and enjoy sipping the water in the cool breeze.

“Do you have any yogurt?” one of the boys asks me.

“No, I’m sorry, ke na le alergi ya mashi,” I say (I have an allergy to milk). “Oh wait! Yes I do! I forgot that I had to make something for someone recently that required yogurt! Yes, please take it.”

I run inside and grab the big tub of yogurt and give it to the boys. Their eyes widen in pleasure.

They take the tub of yogurt and run off down the street to hide behind a bush and eat it. Just as they get down the street, the oldest boy turns around and yells to me “Thanks for giving us Christmas! We will come back tomorrow!” and then runs away.

Darnit. I’m SO not a kids person, but who can deny how cute these kids are?

I go inside and get my bucket to water the plants outside and rake the yard until the sunsets.

Sit on the couch, watch “Grey’s Anatomy” and make dinner.


Cold shower.

Go to bed.

Boroko 🌙

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