Pizza With Friends & Laundry At Midnight

February 2, Day 551
Wake up. There’s no power or water this morning. That’s fine, it’s not insanely hot today so it’ll be fine.

Make eggs and coffee and watch my show for a bit.


The power comes back on and a little bit of water is trickling from the bathtub faucet. I fill the tub and get my laundry soaking.

Water goes back out. Now I have no way to rinse my clothes and I don’t want to use all of my water storage for it.

It’s fine, I’ll let them soak in the bath water.

Wakgotla texts me and says he’s hungry and doesn’t have much food. I tell him I’m about to make a pizza for dinner and invite him to come over and join. He says he’ll be over around 5:30 pm.

Go into the kitchen and make some pizza dough and let it rise. Shred some mozzarella cheese and spread the pizza dough out on an oven pan. Season the pizza with garlic, parsley, oregano and a few sliced tomatoes.

Wakotla arrives and brings a big bottle of Coke with him. We eat pizza, sip coke and watch a movie together while chatting in the living room.

He goes back home and says thank you for the pizza. Just then, I hear my water turn back on. Woo hoo! I make a mental note to finish the laundry in a bit.

Call Claire.

Call Mom. Just as we start talking the power goes out and I lose phone connection.

Go outside and water the flowers and veggies.

Call Mom.

Call Andre.

Colden calls.

Crap! Just as I’m about to go to bed, I realize that I forgot to do my laundry. I can’t let it soak all night! Grrrr, it’s time to get the job done.

Sit by the bathtub scrubbing clothes from 10 pm to midnight. Hang up all of the clothes outside and hope for the best that they will dry.

As I stand under the moonlight outside hanging clothes, I hear my neighbor pull into their driveway. He is blasting “A Whole New World” from his big van. I definitely didn’t peg him as an “Aladin” guy, but that’s cool.

Go back inside and take a cold shower. I don’t have a shower curtain for my bathtub. It was built with a small showerhead attached to a hose that runs from the faucet and there was no curtain rod installed. I usually just shower and then mop the floor when I’m done.

As I’m mopping the floor the power goes out. GREAT.

Dig out my headlamp and finish mopping in the dark.

It’s hot. That’s it, I’m opening the windows. If kids peek through them to stare at me then so be it. At least then I won’t die of heat stroke.

Open all the windows and sleep like a baby.

Boroko 🌙

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