Preparing For The Last Media Production Class

February 4, Day 553
Up bright and early. I promised Mabe’s daughter Keletso that I would meet her at the office to help her edit her final video project for our class this week.

Check the taps and there’s no water still. The power came back on at 3 am last night again and I was a delirious monster walking through the house shutting off lights again.

But hey, at least I’ve got some power now, which means I can finally charge my laptop and phone.

Sip on warm water and lemon because Deepak Chopra says it’s good for your metabolism to start the day that way. However, my stomach just gurgles a whole bunch and doesn’t love it. I have a feeling this will end badly with my stomach to drink so much acid on an empty stomach.

There’s a new “Perfect Health” 21-day meditation series out with Oprah and Deepak so I listen to that and meditate this morning.

Get dressed. Pack leftover pasta for lunch.

Ride my bike to work. There’s still no water and the bathroom is still a mess. I’m not going near it. This is reason 1,000,001 that I love pit latrines; your business goes into the ground and you never have to worry about flushing or seeing it again.

Arrive at the DAC office and begin preparing for the final media production class on Thursday. The students will finally graduate! Bontle tells me that I am supposed to invite the headmaster to the ceremony or it will offend him. Whoops! That didn’t even occur to me that he would want to attend.

Of course, this means I need to write a savingram to get it done.

I sit down to type up the invitation and… the power goes out.


Mabe arrives in the office and I ask him where Keletso is. He calls her but isn’t really paying attention because his car is having problems. Mabe is the driver for our office. Botswana is so large and vast and is 80% covered in desert. That means the population is highly mobile and drivers are highly coveted. If our office vehicle is having a problem, that’s a big deal, so I understand his stress.

Bontle and Mabe leave to hand deliver all of the savingrams I wrote yesterday.

Keletso arrives and I give her my laptop and she sets up shop in the corner of the room to work peacefully. We still don’t have any power today, but I let her use my laptop for as long as my 10-year old laptop battery will allow.

An hour later, the power comes back on.

She continues to work into the afternoon. Mabe has been spending this entire time trying to fix the office car and says he’ll drive her home.

Bontle and I eat lunch together and talk.

While we are eating, Aubrey, the clerk from the office next door comes by and asks me for help typing up a document for his church. I tell him to come to the office tomorrow morning and I’ll help.

Pack up my things and ride to the Brigade. A few of the students have asked for my help in editing their videos for their final project, so I bike the full 8 miles to the Brigade.

When I arrive, my students are all in the computer lab working hard. They make me so proud! Everyone seems excited and inspired to work on their projects. I am so proud of them!

We all sit down and work together to figure out how to get their projects done.

Tshepo, my new Setswana tutor, and I sit down in the corner of the room and have a Setswana lesson.

Just as we are about to wrap up the lesson, the skies open up and it begins to pour rain. Ummm, okay?

Tshepo and I sit and watch the rain and continue our lesson waiting for the rain to stop. We are all trapped! We can’t leave until the rain stops.

Finally, the rain stops. I get on my bicycle and begin walking it down the long, sandy road to the pavement. As I walk, everyone from the Brigade drives by and waves and shouts hello from their cars. Man, I love this village.

Bike all the way home.

When I arrive I am dead tired. I chug down some electrolytes and collapse on the couch to take a nap. My body is dead from the heat and I must have biked about 25 miles today.

Talk to Colden.

I hear the water turn on, so I get up to clean the kitchen. Wow, the water pressure is STRONG for once! I wash everything I can think to wash to take advantage.

Make bean and veggie tacos.

Watch “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Take a cold shower before the power goes out. I managed to download an app today that tells me the anticipated schedule of power outages. This should help for tomorrow. Since I have strong water pressure, I can even wash my hair tonight.

Crawl into bed.

Boroko 🌙

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