Pulling Weeds At The Crack Of Dawn

February 8, Day 557

Alarm goes off at 5:15 am.

WHY. AM. I. DOING. THIS?? This hour seems ungodly. There’s no reason to ever be awake this early.

Get up and brush my teeth and throw on something presentable before Baitshepi arrives with her daughters. 

Sip coffee.


The power goes out.

Just as the sun rises, the ladies arrive. Baitshepi has a rake and shovel and so do I. We all grab a tool and get to work. Since it rained last night the sand is VERY heavy and makes it at least three times harder than usual to scrape the yard. Nevertheless, the girls get to work. One person digs up all of the weeds, the next person rakes them into a pile.

Baitshepi says she will go get the metal rake at BOCAIP and leaves while her girls and I continue to work in the yard. I bring out my Bluetooth speaker and I offer to play spotify while we work. Both of her daughters seem to be very shy around me and don’t talk much, but one asks for R&B and Hip Hop, so I pick a playlist with both and let it play as we work.

Baitshepi returns and we finish around 9 am. I start cooking and invite everyone inside for coffee, eggs and toast. I ask how everyone wants their eggs and they tell me that they like it any way that I cook it. So, I sautee some onions and peppers with eggs and make an omelet and serve it with toast.

One of the daughters looks at the food like I just served her a plate of strange worms.

Is it weird to have peppers and onions with your eggs??

This is what drives me nuts sometimes… The culture here is very passive. So, when I ask how everyone wants their eggs, and they tell me it doesn’t matter and they’ll eat it any way I like, and then I cook it the way I like… it’s always destined to have someone look at the way I like it as if it’s strange even though I am unaware that someone would consider strange what I consider normal. I wish people would just be honest and tell me what they want instead of pretending to be polite.

Nevertheless, I tell her she doesn’t have to eat the eggs and she seems grateful. We all listen to music and chat. They go home and I say thank you a million times over for the help in the yard. I am super grateful.

Exhuasted, I sit down on the couch and the power comes back on.

Warm up water for a bucket bath and take a cleansing bath.

Take a nap.

I’m delirious. Wake up around 2 pm. I told Tshepo that I would have a Setswana lesson at the Brigade today but I am too tired to ride all the way to the Brigade today.

Tshepo calls, and I make a note to call her back and let her know I won’t be coming today.

Make a chickpea curry.

Go outside and play with Dijo and watch the clouds in the sky.

A car pulls up in front of my house. What?! It’s Tshepo! Man, there is no hiding in this village. Good for her, I’m out of integrity and need to apologize. I apologize to her a million times over for not showing up and we make a plan for Tuesday instead.

Dijo and I go for a walk. Just as we approach the neighbor’s house, a little white dog squirms under the gate to come and talk to Dijo. The two of them hit it off immediately and become best friends. Aww, it’s so cute!

I take a picture of the little white dog and send it to Colden. The dog has a long, white body and the head of an old dog and is very low to the ground. Colden says he looks like a little rocket, so we decide to name him Rocket.

Dijo and I walk home and I sit down to watch a movie.

Chat with Colden on the phone more.

Go to bed.

Boroko 🌙

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