Captain Rocket To The Rescue

February 10, Day 559
Up bright and early for a meeting with the hospital this morning. I let Dijo outside to play while I get ready for the day.


Make breakfast.

Bucket bath, get dressed.

Bring Dijo inside with the fan and windows open and then pack up my things and ride to the hospital. This morning I’m meeting with Thutego and Mabedi to propose ideas of activities to do for Month of Youth Against AIDS (MYAA).

They propose activities, I propose activities, and then we decide that we should include MYSC (Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports & Culture) in all of these activities. I promise to stop by MYSC on my way back to the DAC office to ask if they want to be included like they were last year.

I leave the hospital feeling good. We came up with some solid ideas! We agree to finalize the plan by the end of the day. The Ministry of Health requires a plan by the end of the day in order to give us 50,000 pula in funding.

I ride back to the DAC office and stop at MYSC. My usual guy I work with Mbo is now gone and has been replaced with another woman who seems very smart, but appears busy and skeptical of me. Nevertheless, she says she will send someone to meet with our team this afternoon for MYAA.

Ride to the Gender Affairs building and talk to Sefako to ask if he will join the MYAA team and come to the meeting this afternoon. He says yes, he will join.

Ride back to the DAC office and talk to Bontle for a while. Apparently we need to ramp up our HIV/AIDS testing campaign for the Valentine’s Day dinner. So, we create a flyer to hang around the village and I agree to promote it to villagers and hang the flyers.

Ride my bike back home to check on Rra Dijo during lunch. Just as I’m about to get back home I hear “Pshhhhhhhhh!” and the front tire loses air.

Great, a thorn in the tire.

Walk the bike home and check on Rra Dijo. We go for a walk around the neighborhood. I’m learning from him that he prefers to only poop outside of the yard, which requires me to give him several walks per day.

Go back home and eat lunch. Refill my water bottles. Patch up my bike tire.

Ride back to work.

Print flyers and walk to Choppies to hang them up. There is a group of women sitting on the ground out front of the store and ask me about the Valentine’s Dinner, so I stay and answer questions about HIV testing and the dinner.

Walk to Sefalana and hang up flyers on the bulletin board out front. A member of the Men’s Sector sees me and asks what I’m up to. Just as I’m stapling the flyer into the bulletin board and talking to him, the stapler breaks.


We don’t have any other office supplies. We don’t have tape, we don’t have tacks. What should I do?

I decide to walk back to the office and get creative to find a solution.

“Dumela Mma, you should give me your dress,” a woman says, walking by.

“If I give you my dress than I won’t have a dress anymore. You should get one for yourself, I got it at the China shop nearby,” I tell her.

She giggles and walks away.

Get another stapler at the DAC office and walk to the hospital. I run into Mabedi and hand her a bunch of flyers and ask her to distribute them at the hospital.

Walk over to the other shops and realize that I don’t even need a stapler anyways. There is old sticky tack from other posters on the concrete walls, so I collect that into a ball and use that to hang up flyers.

Jesus, I think I’m getting heat stroke. I’m SO HOT and dizzy. I’m running around too much today and without a hat on. I walk to the China shop and find the hat that Bontle has that is perfect for the sun. The woman working there says it’s 30 pula and I don’t have enough money, so I tell her I’ll come back tomorrow when I have cash.

Walk back to the DAC office and notice a China shop selling bike supplies. This is a BIG deal. I haven’t found a place that sells bike tubes yet and my tubes are getting too many patches.

When I arrive in the office Bontle is there talking to Kabo. I sit and chat with them for a bit and decide to bike home.

Let Dijo out and water the flowers.

Dijo and I go for a walk over to Hanlie’s house in hopes that his meeting with the other dogs will go better than it did yesterday. Just as we leave my house I see Rocket running by. Crap! He will likely try to follow me!

Just my luck at that exact same moment Gilda runs by and Rocket immediately becomes distracted with her and runs off.

Pshhh, just like any other man, Rocket cannot resist the power of a beautiful woman!

When I arrive at Hanlie’s, I find them in the backyard by the pool. Thomas is swimming and I take a seat next to Hanlie and have a cool drink by the pool. Dijo is still terrified of Dapper and they try to rip one another’s head off. Dijo curls up underneath my chair the entire time.

After an hour, Dijo and I walk back home together. As we approach my yard I can tell Dijo wants to play and he barks.

Just like a superhero, Rocket immediately hears his bark and runs across the bush and into the yard. Wow! Captain Rocket to the rescue!

I let them play in the yard all evening while I go inside and rest. They basically spend the entire time exploring one another’s body and I am 100% supportive of it.

The power goes out, so I make beans and rice for dinner in the dark.


Go outside and let Rocket out so he can go home.

Head to bed.

Boroko 🌙

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