Rra Dijo’s New Best Friend, Rocket

February 9, Day 558
Wake up to see Dijo sitting on the floor looking at me. I let him outside to go to the bathroom. He was a good boy last night, no accidents!

He comes back inside and then proceeds to walk into my spare bedroom and crap right on my yoga mat.

Really, dude?

Clean it up. Change my clothes, cuddle with Dijo.

A car pulls up and I see it’s Freddie. He wants me to download some music onto a memory stick for him. In Botswana, we don’t have unlimited internet streaming to be able to stream music, and we don’t have Spotify. In fact, you can’t even download the app on your phone here. So, everyone puts music onto a memory stick and then plugs it into one of those little radios that has a removable face in their car.

I literally have no idea how to download music into a memory stick, but I’ll figure it out. Freddie leaves and I give him a bottle of sunscreen to take to Anaya for me.

Go inside and get my laundry going in the bathtub. In the middle of scrubbing my clothes the power goes out. Uh oh! Usually when the power goes out it’s just a matter of time before the water goes out, too.

I rush around the house filling up containers and rinsing my clothing before the water goes out.

The water goes out. Phew! I got it just in time.

This week I am headed to house sit for Hanlie and Thomas, and I’m a bit worried because I don’t know if Dijo will get along with all of her dogs. Hanlie and I decide that it’s best to bring Dijo over today to meet the dogs before I stay there.

Pack up my things and walk with Dijo to Hanlie’s house. About halfway, Dijo won’t move from under the shade of a tree. I think the sand is too hot for his paws, so I pick him up and carry him the rest of the way.

As soon as we arrive at Hanlie’s house, her little Jack Russell terrier Dapper greets us at the gate and immediately starts growling at Dijo. Dijo is NOT happy and is absolutely terrified.

Uh ohhhh… This isn’t a good sign.

Hanlie and I sit in the living room and let the dogs get used to one another. Her daughter just moved away and left a bunch of shoes and Hanlie offers to give them to me because I have gigantic feet and it is impossible to find my shoe size anywhere in Africa. Turns out her daughter has big feet, too, so she lets me peruse through her old shoes she left behind and take what I like.

Wow! These shoes are FANTASTIC. I am so grateful.

Thomas notices that I don’t have a leash for Dijo yet, because his shop is the only shop in the village that sells leashes and I forgot to buy one the other day. When we walk back into the living room, he has constructed a beautiful leash for me from some rope to use for Dijo.

Thomas gives me a ride home with both Didi and Dapper in the front seat with Dijo. Often, Dapper likes to stand on Thomas’s lap with his paws on the steering wheel and try to stick his head out the window and tonight is no exception. Dijo still seems terrified, but he seems happy by my feet. I think he’ll be just fine when I stay here.

As soon as Thomas drives away, I notice Rocket walking by the front yard. He looks over, keeps walking, and then snaps his head back quickly in recognition of Dijo. He runs to the gate, so happy, and pawing at the gate as if to say “YAYYYYYY!!! I FOUND OUT WHERE DIJO LIVES!!”

I let Rocket into the yard and Dijo and Rocket chase one another around and play.

Go inside and make pizza. I read that creating a spray made of red chili pepper flakes and garlic deters locusts from your garden, so I get the chili pepper and garlic boiling on the stove, too.

I look outside and realize that Rocket wants to go home and instead of barking to let me know, he started to dig a massive hole next to my gate. Poor pup!

Walk outside and open the gate for Rocket to go home and he scampers off, happily.

Watch the “Sex & The City” movie and eat pizza.

Go to bed. Dijo curls up on his blanket on the floor next to my bed.

Boroko 🌙

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