The Pool Party, Day 2

February 16, Day 565
The pups slept well last night, therefore I slept well. Ahhhh, I feel so rested.

Lay in bed and play with the pups and send Colden a message. He’s thinking of applying to a job in Los Angeles, and right now he lives in Seattle, and is wondering if I’d live in LA with him after service is over.

Honestly, nothing about my entire being would fit into LA. I imagine all people who live in LA as those who drink green fruit juices and have boob jobs and have a pool at their condo. I’m tall, heavy, flat footed and don’t believe in drinking juice (why drink your calories if it’s not wine or water?).

I send him a note and say yes, since Oprah has moved her studios to LA, I’m willing to give it a try. If Oprah can do it, so can I.

Get up and make coffee and feed the pups their breakfast.

My phone dings, and I see Catherine has sent me a message.

“Anaya wants to know if she can come and swim again today. I told her Auntie Abbie might be busy.” It says.

“Yes! Anaya is welcome to come and swim. We will practice our swimming lessons! No one else is here, though, so it won’t be as fun as yesterday. But we will have a good time together,” I say.

Go and change into my swimsuit and straighten up around the house a little. As I walk outside, I see a gigantic cricket spider thing by the pool.

WHAT. IS. THAT?! I don’t dare touch it and leave it alone. I’m sure it plays a role in the circle of life, even though it’s terrifying.

Soon enough, I see Dawggie running down the street right in front of Catherine’s car as she pulls into the driveway. I give Dawggie love and then Anaya joins me and waves her Mom goodbye.

We put sunblock on Anaya and wait for it to sink in, and then go for a swim. She is happy as a clam in there for a few hours. We practice kicking and doggy paddle and doing the boat thing to the deep end.

After a few hours, we are both cold and pruned up. Anaya takes a quick shower to wash off the chlorine and changes into dry clothes.

“Auntie Abbie, I’m hungry!” she says.

While I whip up a snack for us, she finds a DVD that belongs to Hanlie and Thomas called the “Swan Princess” and she says she wants to watch it.

So, I set her up at the table with a snack and my laptop so we can watch the “Swan Princess” together. Rra Dijo hops into Anaya’s lap because she has food in her hand and he’s interested in finding out if he can have a bite. Anaya doesn’t seem to mind at all and lets him sit on her lap while she watches the movie.

A while later, Catherine comes back to pick up Anaya. I give her a big hug and put her wet swimsuit into a plastic bag to take with her.

“I want to be a scuba diver when I grow up!” she says.

“Yes! You can be a scuba diver!” I say, and we high five as she climbs into the car.

They drive away, and I go back inside and take a shower.

Curl up on the couch with the pups and watch a movie for a bit.

Soon, it is dinner time. I don’t have much food with me that I brought, but I find some potatoes so I make roasted potatoes and a pico de gallo to spread on top with a good glass of wine.

Head to bed.

Boroko 🌜

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