The Best Day Of Dijo’s Life

February 17, Day 566
Wake up to feel Lulu on the edge of the bed nudging my arm as a prompt to wake up and pet her.

Okay, Lulu. You get extra head rubs today.

Get out of bed and get my act together. Let the puppies out to run around the yard while I heat up the geyser to take a shower. Boil water on the kettle for coffee.

Shower and get dressed and the puppies come to sit by my feet as I eat breakfast and drink coffee. The housekeeper arrives, so I go to pack my things. Today is my last day at Hanlie and Thomas’s house and tonight after work I’ll take Dijo and we’ll go home.

Dijo is absolutely terrified of Dapper. Clearly, Dapper is the king of the castle and wants to make sure Dijo knows his place. But Dapper has become obsessed with humping Dijo a million times a day and Dijo wants nothing to do with it. He seems to have survived the week by largely ignoring Dapper and letting him have reign of the place and has befriended Didi instead.

I finish packing and make the bed and leave the pups with the housekeeper and walk to work. Stop and watch the cow parade for a minute.

Arrive at the DAC office and immediately am bombarded by phone calls of people asking what the plans are for Month of Youth Against AIDS (MYAA). Since Catherine is out on maternity leave, everyone is looking to me to do her job, but I’m just a volunteer.

Okay, fine, let’s call a meeting for MYAA.

Sit and write savingrams for all of our stakeholders and arrange with Bontle for transport to deliver them.

Gather my things and walk to Choppies for a chicken peri peri pie because they’re the best thing on the planet. Walk back to work eating the pie. A woman stops and asks me for my dress.

No you cannot have the clothing on my back.

Arrive back at work just in time for our meeting with the hospital and MYSC for MYAA.

Mma Monahela and a few other women arrive. We are waiting for the guy from MYSC who promised to be there.



Mma Monahela is selling Tupperware, so we look through the catalog and pick out things we like.



Now, the custom in Botswana is to wait when someone is late, and people are late frequently. I decide instead to hunt down the guy from MYSC and ask if he will be joining the meeting.

I excuse myself for a moment and leave the women in the office and walk next door to MYSC and ask around to find out where this guy’s office is. Turns out he works in one of the trailers in the back of the building.

I knock on the door.

“Ko ko?” I call (knock, knock).

“Tsena,” he says (enter).

I find the dude sitting at his computer, cool as a cucumber, not worried that he is now 30 minutes late for a meeting.

“Dumela, Rra. Will you be attending the meeting for MYAA today? It is quite urgent that we draft a plan for the Ministry of Health. They are expecting it today,” I say.

“Yes, I would like to attend the meeting. I didn’t know where your office was,” he replies.

“Okay! Well I would be happy to walk you to the office. The people from the hospital are waiting,” I say.

He agrees, and we walk back to the office. We have a meeting and draft a plan of activities for MYAA. Woo hoo!

We wrap up for the day and I walk back to Hanlie and Thomas’s house. The dogs flip out when I arrive and Didi and Dijo chase each other around the living room. I watch TV and wait for Thomas and Hanlie to come home.

About an hour later, they arrive. We grab my things and load them into Thomas’s car and he drives me and Dijo home.

As soon as we arrive, Dijo makes a run for it into the front yard.

It’s as if the expression on his face says “FINALLY! WE ARE HOME! I AM THE KING OF THE CASTLE!”

I feed him some dinner and give him an old sock to play with and he falls in love with it. He drags my sock into the front yard and goes wild with the sock playing around. He is jumping around, happy as a clam.

This is the best day of Dijo’s life. He’s home, he’s well fed, he’s got his sock to play with and someone to give him endless belly rubs.

What a life!

He plays in the yard while I patch up the hole in the tube that caused a flat tire on my bike.

Go inside and eat dinner.

Unpack and watch a movie.


Boroko 🌙

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